Meliá Hotels attracts Russian tour operators with its luxury offer

The Meliá Hotels hotel chain presented to more than a hundred Russian tour operators a luxury tourist offer for Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba, within the framework of the XVII International Fair MosDurante The celebration last week of Leisure-2011 the Management of Meliá Hotels and its market manager of the Cuba division, Jorge Rosales Trinchet, showed a documentary about the installations of this Mallorcan company in the aforementioned countries.

The hotel chain also gave awards to tour operators participating in competitions organized in the capital Club Kino, consisting of travel expenses paid to the largest of the Antilles. In this sense, Rosales Trinchet declared that Meliá calls all tour operators to promote the offer of Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo, although it is a difficult task, as most concentrates on the destination Havana-Varadero, he said.

Many tour operators sell hotels in the keys, but comment on the difficulties in the internal combinations to reach those recreational facilities, he recognized the representative of the Mallorcan chain.

“This is air transport, which must be resolved jointly by the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba and the hotel chains for, as long as we lack direct flights, to be able to connect trips to the Cays with which they arrive in Varadero,” he said.

In the Moscow Fair we also remark the high standard of hotel rooms such as superiors or suite, said Rosales Trinchet.

“Together with the keys, we also promote in the Russian capital the offers of luxury or real service in hotels like Santa Maria and the Meliá Buenavista, the latter our most recent acquisition and endowed with 105 rooms, which is a real service,” he said.

Rosales Trinchet also stated that for the upcoming winter season they have already included the aforementioned types of luxury offerings that were previously out of contract with Covita Leisure-2011

“Our goal is to make the airline profitable”

By the time it was announced through several rumors about a possible departure from two of the principal shareholders of Volaris: Carlos Slim, Inbursa, and Emilio Azcárraga, from Grupo Televisa. by the time it was announced through several rumors about a possible departure from two of the principal shareholders of Volaris: Carlos Slim, Inbursa, and Emilio Azcárraga, from Grupo Televisa.

Beltranena does not refuse that in the future the aircraft of its airline begin to use biofuel to boost its turbines, but it considers that it will be until the day when this energy is really available in the market.

During the inaugural flight Guadalajara-Las Vegas, Beltranena said that the campaign “for a Blue sky” they promote, does much more than use the biofuel in a single flight (as does not terjet since April 1).

“The Campaign for a blue sky” does much more than a single flight with biofuel. The program uses the most advanced turbines, much more than the one that has interjet; That consumes less fuel, that has a much smaller sound footprint.

Water treatment, of washing, the way we fly, in which we ascend and descend our aircraft, the routes we use, to what we use on board, that everything is biodegradable, is a much larger contribution at this time than a single flight with Biofuel “.

“Obviously, the day there is biofuel for airplanes we will use it, but today it does not exist. We want to make a much more comprehensive effort, that we truly see that we are working on the issue of the environment and not on a single flight and one thing. ”

Enrique Beltranena studied the public accounting career. He has been a consultant and advisor in the pharmaceutical sector. He arrived in the air industry as director of Aviateca in Guatemala.

He was the commercial director of TACA. He was later appointed CEO of TACA.

He is currently Director General of Volaris.


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