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5 travel experiences that helped me to take the step for the change of life I needed…

We’re all afraid of a change of life. Especially when it’s something radical and it goes against what people around you expect from you.

Since I was in college I always kept repeating myself year after year: I need a change of life.

But I never did it, why?

by fear.

But everything changed when I started to travel and experience a lot of new situations and experiences.

In addition, travelling and undertaking are two sides of the same coin.

The path that leads you to start your own project on the internet is full of common places and parallels with your desire to know the world.

Victor, you surf your life, all the waves escaped. He did not know what to do with his life after seven years using his time each day something that did not fill him.

It was precisely traveling where he turned on the entrepreneurial light and everything began to change.

Today brings you five moments full of courage that drove him to leave a job that had ended up burning to surf his ideal life.
5 travel experiences that helped me to take the step for the change of life I needed
And there you are enjoying and remembering your multiple travel experiences, lying on the white sand of a paradisiacal beach, walking among paddy fields, diving in a coral reef in Thailand or visiting ancient temples…

How many times, being on the road, you stopped for a moment and thought:

I could be like this all my life… A lot, right?

Traveling opens your mind, makes you a better person and teaches you something new every day.

For me, traveling around the world is discovering new things every day and living adventures that I could never even imagine from my office chair.

If I’m honest, think that’s what has led me to change my life and build my own blog.

You still wonder: how can travel make someone decide to undertake their own online project?

Well, I’ll explain how 5 travel experiences I’ve lived, I have taught values needed to change a job that I did not bring anything and undertake my own blog.

Are you ready to meet them? Just awake your desire to change your life and you find that there is no turning back, eh?

You’re warned.

Are we crazy or what?!

Are we crazy or what?

To me that’s not living. I realized that what I want is to control my life and decide how I want to live and when and how I want to travel. I couldn’t go on like this.

By then, I was in the Philippines and found that if I really knew what I wanted, what I didn’t know was how I was going to get it…

Looking for the way it was not easy, it was a matter of getting your ass wet, get in the water and start looking for my wave, that wave that would lead me to live my ideal life. But finding her had her job…

I wanted to be a freer person and, that freedom, I wasn’t going to get it working for another.

I was starting to value more time than money and that approach was totally new to me.

I was quite lost, I did not know how to focus this new perspective or how to undertake a project of my own, come on, I had a mess of balls in my head and a fear that would not let me act.

While I was immersed in all these doubts and fears, I decided to remember travel experiences around the world to see if it clarified me a bit and found another perspective less flawed by the routine and rhythm of life of the city.

Something like seeing the situation from a Caribbean beach, with another point of view and as objective as possible.

To my surprise, I discovered that many of the values I needed to launch into this new adventure, I had already learned them traveling around the world and that nothing really happened to try, in fact, I had to try.

Within me, I had already discovered that I needed to change my life and all I needed was to decide how to do it, so I started looking for my wave, my way of living and surfing my ideal life.

Once I made the decision to change, everything was much simpler. I used a very personal method to find out what I liked and what I knew how to do and I realized that I could live by helping people in my own situation to undertake their own project.

I had the experience of having overcome that pothole and the technical knowledge to work with people in the development and evolution of their projects, so I was able to do it.

I had finally found my wave. The process was long, I was waiting in the water for a long time, leaving waves that were not for me but finally came mine, I took it and today I keep surfing.

Five travel experiences
Today I want to tell you the five travel experiences that made me remember what values I needed to undertake my own project and be able to mount my blog.

To build a blog and try to live on it requires clear certain concepts that must be acquired and have very present. Thanks to my travel experiences I have been able to integrate them more easily into my routines.

I think that when you undertake, never forget to overcome fears, gain freedom, strive to the fullest, work as a team and live new experiences.

If you are willing to let your life include all these values, give me that you are ready to embark on your own adventure!


I’m going to try to give you that last push to encourage you to change your life.


1. Honduras and scuba Diving: the importance of Conquering fears
When I was in Honduras, back in 2007, I arrived on an island called Utila where the most typical activities are scuba diving and trampling crabs at night.

It’s amazing how much chafados crabs you see every morning… As at night there is no more light than the moon, everyone who circulates takes more than one crustacean ahead.

What I was going to do was scuba diving. That island is full of diving centers, many people will take the certification there because, in addition to having a very well maintained coral barrier and a spectacular seabed, is one of the cheapest places in the world to do so.

Obviously, I’m a sea lover, I took a couple of degrees but no, I’m not the protagonist of the story.
With me they took the title about 12 or 13 more people. Among them, there was an Irish girl who looked a little nervous.

In one of the first exercises, apart from showing that we knew how to swim, we had to dive and start breathing from the oxygen cylinder to get acquainted with the material.

All very simple, do not think that we were going to submerge 10 meters, were just a couple.

What happened? Well, the girl panicked, she was terrified. It gave him an incredible fear dipping his head in the water, was very acojonada and could not do it.

At that time I thought: how I thought to get a scuba diving in which we would have to go down to 18 meters deep, I did not explain…

We tried to reassure her and explained that nothing happened but there was no way. He was afraid of the sea and those deep fears are very difficult to overcome…


Conquering fears

I thought that the next day he would not return but, far from leaving, the next day he tried again. I was hallucinating and expectant, to see what was happening today.

This time we had to go down to more depth, about 8 or 10 meters. She was still terrified but not yet very well how, she managed to calm down, sink her head and even descend with us.

She had a tremendous value, she wanted to do something and the fear was not going to prevent it. He found a way to overcome his fears, ended removing the title and enjoyed the seabed of Utila.

That girl gave me a good lesson, taught me that for many doubts or fears that one has, if you really want to do something, there is nothing that can prevent it.

The fears are to overcome them and not to make you abandon your dreams to the first of change.
Diving in my own project
Making the decision to leave a steady job is very difficult.

If you also have a good salary, you lose a huge security when planning how your life will go. This is scary and only planteártelo already pull back.


Since I first posed it until I did it spent quite some time.


The fear of not knowing where you are, the uncertainty that generates leaving your comfort zone and the messages you receive from your environment make you think things more than 1000 times.

How faced this? I stopped to think and remembered that when you travel, you do nothing but leave your comfort zone constantly, tests and discover new things, you challenge yourself to live new adventures and are the moments in which I have enjoyed more.


Why not move those feelings into my daily life?


The story of the Irish girl made me realize that these fears that I had to undertake my own project, I would not be slowed down.

It was much worse to have a sea phobia and to get scuba diving at almost 20 meters deep and if she had got it, why wouldn’t I?

I knew I could live on my blog and that’s why I set out to overcome these fears, leaving excuses and putting solutions on the table:

I made a plan and I agreed a dismissal with my boss taking advantage of a moment that we both favored and so I “forced” me to undertake my project.
I started believing a little bit more about myself.
I was trained and supported by professionals to find out how an online business works and how to mount it with the greatest guarantees of success
I didn’t waste my time and I acted. I created the blog and I started to work
Are you still afraid to fulfill your dreams?

Think about it because living a life with fear means not doing what you really want.
2. Philippines and Typhoons: gaining freedom
In 2012 I was visiting the Philippines. We had marked an approximate route we wanted to follow to try to make the most of the 3 weeks we were there.

By the dates we were traveling, we knew it was typhoon season, so we always had an eye on the weather. We did not feel like living according to situations that unfortunately were given shortly after…

On our roadmap, halfway through the road, we had a marked go to the island of Bohol and Panglao. What happened overnight? That the climatological forecasts changed and became “dangerous” to go there.


But once you wear it, you see it’s not so bad…

This made us replanteáramos our plans and in a couple of hours we decided not to go there and invest that time in another way. We decided to lose the tickets, which we already had bought and change plans. We started to improvise.

That freedom to decide led us to discover a coastal village called Port Barton where we spent 3 days of relaxation in paradise.

To tell the truth nor do we care whether the climatological forecasts had been successful and we had done well or not to change our plans, we felt so good doing it and dominating our destiny that we did not care anything else.

We did not think either of Bohol or Panglao because the alternative plan was a success and deciding on the fly sat us better than we thought.

That feeling of freedom, of being able to decide where we wanted to be the next day without being obliged to follow a strict route or to have someone tell us where we should go, made us live the experience in an even more intense way.

I want more typhoons in my life
When I thought about having a blog, the biggest goal I had was to have freedom and be able to travel and surf whenever I wanted. Without having to ask permission from anyone and being able to work wherever he went.

That freedom would give me the power to decide on my life, to improvise, to change plans and to really do what I wanted to do.

It seems something very simple and basic, but if you stop to think, you don’t have that power. Today you look limited by your boss or your company. Actually, you can’t do what you want.

You have to ask permission to take a few hours and be able to make paperwork in the bank, you must ask for a day off to make the move of your house, if you have to ask for a voucher to show that you have had a visit with the doctor.

As you can see, you’re more limited than you think.

Being free is a very important value and was one of the main reasons for me to decide to undertake my own blog. Over time I have seen that it does not always mean doing what one wants to forget the job, but it means having the power to organize and decide when to do everything.

I’ll give you an example, you’ll have guessed since I’m a fan of surfing, or by the name of my blog.
I tell you, in the Mediterranean there are few days of waves a year so, when you get the right conditions, it is normal to see the sea plagued by surfers.

When I worked for other companies, if one morning I saw that there were waves and it was a good day to take advantage and surf for 2 or 3 hours, I couldn’t do it.

I had to go to work, I had my schedule and I couldn’t change the plans just like that, just like anyone working for a third party.

Instead now, by dedicating myself to my own project I am free to decide when to work and when not. Now if I have the power of decision, now if I can get up, go surfing and work in the afternoon or night.

I won this freedom by undertaking my own blog and being my own boss. Would you like to be freer?

Would you like to stop asking permission to do everything you want to do?
3. Tanzania and Mount Meru: The effort has its reward
I traveled to Tanzania in 2014 and lived an experience that made me appreciate the effort one can make to achieve a goal that you want.

I went with 2 friends of mine and wanted to hike and climb the second highest mountain in Tanzania, just behind the Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru. It has 4566 meters and ascension is done in 3 days up 1000 meters each day. According to the porters it is harder to climb than the Kilimanjaro.

To not suffer with that ascension, you had to be really fit, in addition to the daily effort, the body had to get used quickly to the height.

To climb we were accompanied by a Ranger, with his rifle in hand in case we were attacked by a wild animal, and a porter who helped to load some camping packages in camp.

The first two days we did not have a bad time but the third was hard. The final ascent, starting at 12 a.m., became very long and, with the body exhausted, the final stretch became eternal.

The objective, in addition to showing us that we could make that ascension, was to see the sunrise from the top so we had to climb for about 6 hours in the darkness of African night. How poetic it has been…

In the middle of Ascension, my friend was already busted, it was hard to walk and breathe but went ahead because he did not want to delay the ascension and wanted to fulfill the goal that had been marked.

The last few meters to reach the top were the hardest things I’ve done in my life, I assure you I do not lie. But we’re here! And once we got the feeling it was amazing. We made it!

There I saw that effort and hard work are worthwhile when you want to achieve a goal and those values I am also applying to my project.

Change-of-life-mount Meru

Climbing my own digital mountain
As I said before the world of blogging and entrepreneurship is not easy but has its rewards.

The issue of freedom is very nice but, if you want to get through a blog, behind there is a huge job that nobody sees.

You can ask any successful blogger what it takes to grow a blog and get to live on it.

There are many hard times, especially when you see it costs to grow, have visitors, earn subscribers and get customers but not to give up.

A blog, like a climb to a mountain, has its stages, there are no results on the first day. You have to go working to get small goals until you can reach the top.

In the end all that hard work is worthwhile. But you have to strive because no one is going to give you anything, is your project and you are the one who must fight for it.

And in the end there is reward. Someone trust me to help you design, develop and grow your online project is an incredible feeling.

Being able to reach people and leave your mark working with them makes that effort worthwhile. In my case I feel that I collaborate to change the life of someone like you and that is Mola mil!

So you know, if you’re thinking about launching a blog or an online project and need help you can count on me.

4. Kenya and the Lions: teamwork
When I travelled to Kenya in 2014 I was visiting several national parks, including the famous Masai Mara. It really is spectacular, the African Savannah impresses, seeing the animals so close is one of those travel experiences that you don’t forget.

We were fortunate to find a great guide who explained many stories about the animals, knew their behavior very well and also detected at a great distance, what a view the fuck!

Among all the stories he told us, one I found very useful for daily life and for the growth strategy of my blog and is the one I’m going to talk to you about.

We all know that the lion is the king of the African savannah. It is a fearsome animal, seen closely you are impressed by the strength and respect it gives off. It’s really spectacular to see that muscle move, it’s a perfect machine.