Mexico, world potential in tourism

Mexico, world potential in tourism. Mexico is a full country only ones of colors, flavors, sounds, traditions and history in the world. His hospitality excellent host has gained recognition him as country, where the warmth of his people, his happiness, his professionalism and his delivery do that every visit to Mexico is the only and unforgettable. Only in his architecture, the national tourist and the international one they contemplate an abundant variety of pre-Hispanic, viceregal, colonial and contemporary buildings that guard with zeal a piece of history of this beautiful country. His gastronomy is one of the richest, varied and sophisticated of the world, whereas his musical scale includes from the subtle simplicity of the sound started to the shell of a marine snail, up to the most imaginative and sweet chords of a guitar. With a surface of 2 million square kilometres, it constitutes an inexhaustible sample of the Sun, beaches, culture, nature, magic, textures, adventures, amusement and luxury.

As for expense during the trip, the OMT brings that in 2010 our neighbor of the north occupied the second place, whereas Canada was located in the sixth one. The previous thing is important for us, since 73 % of the tourists who visited Mexico in the same year was of American origin, 18 Canadian %, from the United Kingdom 4 %, Spanish 3 % and from Argentina 2 %. Inside Latin America, in 2010 Mexico placed in the first place in arrivals of international tourists and, if we compare it with the rest of the world, there was located in the position number 10 by 22.4 million visitors (mdv). France was the country with more tourists’ arrivals worldwide (76 mdv), followed by The United States (59.7 mdv), China (55 mdv), Spain (52 mdv), Italy (43.6 mdv), United Kingdom (28.1 mdv), Turkey (27 mdv), Germany (26.9 mdv) and Malaysia (24.6 mdv). In agreement with the Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur) and the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), in the same item during 2011 the national territory registered a total of 22.6 million international tourists, an increase of 1.2 % in comparison with 2010. But if we include in our sampling the frontier, not frontier visitors and of cruises, the total number of international tourists who came to the country last year is of 73 million 958 thousand, which in agreement with numbers of Banxico it was 7.3 minor % to the registered one in 2010. In consequence, the annual total flow of currencies that entered to the country in 2011, thanks to the international tourist, registered a decrease of 0.8 % and was located in 11,663 million dollars (mdd). Nevertheless, if we assess both the number of international travelers and the natives, the total number reaches almost 190 million tourists in Mexico in this year, 3.7 bigger % than the registered one in 2010.


With a population of any more than 112 million persons, it is not of surprising that 73 % of the tourism in our country is Mexican. During 2010, the flow of the national tourism was 61.2 million passengers, which represented an increase of 7.1 % in comparison with 2009 that placed in 57.2 million passengers.

The strength and sustentabilidad of the national tourism, in agreement with Fonatur, they owe to that the domestic market has increased his purchasing power, to which the tourism has been a stable source of demand in the last years, to which it has a major level of mobility, it possesses the participation of airlines of low cost, has increased the investment in infrastructure and one has seen also an increase in the tourist national offer. Already be national or international, the importance of the tourist activity is determinant for the Mexican economy; not for nothing it represents 9 % of the national GDP, generates 2.5 million direct employments and is the second generator of currencies of the country.

In the last year we have seen an increase of the investment deprived in the tourist branch that, in agreement with Sectur, demonstrates the confidence that the investors have in the destinations that Mexico offers. Whereas in 2009 the private national investment had a participation of 75.4 %, this is 2,230.01 mdd, the investment on the part of the foreigners was 24.6 %, 727.57 mdd, to do a total of 2,957.58 mdd.

For 2010, the participation of the national investors was increased to 82.9 % by 2,921.61 mdd, whereas the foreigners only reached 17.1 %, with 604.60 mdd, to add 3,526.21 mdd. Last year, in Mexico the tourist investment was 80 national % and 20 % foreigner. The same year, Spain continued being the number one in foreign investment tourist real estate agency, followed by The United States; the third place it occupied China and in the fourth site England was located.

Opportunity Time

In agreement with Paul Azcárraga Andrade, president of National Managerial Tourist Advice (CNET), this one is the opportune moment for all the businessmen, since it is possible to do of the tourism a national priority. ” It is a cyclical industry, always it has been like that and it it will continue being, for which it generates opportunities. Today we are in the wave of growth, where the major opportunity that we take as a country from the point of view of the tourism is: what have we what to do to reach the potential that our country offers? “.

He added that the tourism represents one of the principal activities of the country with supported growth. It is not an industry that tends to be displaced by any product or market, is something natural of Mexico, is an industry that has everything to grow. During the Royal event Estate Show 2012 organized by the Association of Real-estate Developers (ADI), Azcárraga indicated that ” as businessmen we must start thinking where our principal markets are “.

For example, every year The United States generates 60 million international travelers, of which Mexico has a market audience share of 14 %, the Carib has 16 % and Europe 20 %, for what is not very difficult that our country could establish the programs and mechanisms in order that the proportion grows from 14 to 20 %, which should be immediate.


For example, every year the United States generates 60 million international travelers, of which Mexico has a market audience share of 14%, the Carib has 16% and Europe 20%, for what is not very difficult that our country could establish The programs and mechanisms in order T Hat the proportion grows from 14 to 20%, which should be immediate.
In the opinion of Eduardo Sánchez Navarro, general manager of Grupo Questo, we must realize the importance of tourism to Mexico as well as its potential, not for nothing Mexico is the country Number 10 in terms of visitors and the number 21 in terms of currency captured D Tourism. To what should be questioned why are we not within the first five places?

The speakers of the touristic panel in the event the Real estate Show recognized that the U.S. market is the most important, but at the same time the most wasted by Mexico.

They recommended that if 80% of tourists arriving in Mexico are from the United States, 80% of the money in advertising and promotion should be allocated to that country. It is necessary to focus on different markets, but mainly the ones that generate the most, they pointed out.

Participants agreed that it is good to come to the country tourists from other countries, but we have to focus on where we have greater participation.

Enrique Carrillo, CEO of Fonatur, said that opportunities and growth are in the comprehensively planned centers such as Loreto, where developers must seek investment opportunities.

He stressed that land prices are accessible. It is a sector that will continue to succeed in the future, because Mexico has an infinite potential. “We must look for the American tourist, whose economy is the strongest in the world, but also national tourism is very important.”


We are at a good time, commented Azcárraga, with a situation that is more the responsibility of the entrepreneurs and not the politicians. As tourist entrepreneurs, he mentioned, we have been very passive, we must have better proposals and action plans, better conduction, vision and follow-up of results.

“The moment of Mexico’s tourism growth has arrived, I believe that the crisis made us all more productive, efficient and imaginative. We have a very punctual tourism: the one that goes to Cancun, to Los Cabos, Vallarta, Guadalajara and the Federal district. That’s where more than 90% of tourism is, “he said.

He said that it is a good time to open the fan and not only focus on pleasure tourism, since there are a thousand attractive places and different from the traditional sun and beach. For example, cultural tourism, the medical, adventure, groups and conventions among others, which are a great opportunity, but you have to develop work plans very oriented to those niche markets, with a very clear strategy.

Alejandro Zozaya, President of AMResorts, opined that the business strategy should be changed and focus on destinations, see each as a brand or product with a tangible price, and not focus on a comprehensive Mexico campaign, which is a more ambiguous campaign and Little effective in the immediate generation of tourists to the country.

There were many opinions in which Mexico is a country with many resources and opportunities, so you have to think of regions, not only in the whole country, to give your personality to different destinations and that each one finds its niche market.

For this requires a change of mindset, the focus must be primarily income generation, with a commercial attitude, where promotion and publicity are essential for this to take place.

That has to be seen as an investment and not as an expense, to grow and be measured based on a return and not just an approved budget.

Enrique Carrillo, director of Fonatur, reported that it is being promoted that the Mexican Tourism Promotion Council is autonomous and independent, since this would open the opportunity to have a council formed by politicians and entrepreneurs that is not governed by the Political changes across the country, and have transparency about where and when resources are allocated and applied.


When questioning them about what to do to have continuity?, the specialists said:

The first thing is to be united. Private initiative must unite and is being achieved.
Then try to get things back to their source, with independent organisms.
The agenda and objectives must follow, regardless of whether the actors change.
They explained that politicians come and go but employers do not, they will be sustained with fixed and long-term investments, so they must act together and in a decisive manner to give this continuity.

Those who have to work, added, we are the IP, with long-term strategies. Fonatur must return to its origins as a fund for development, investment tourism, which provides facilities.

In particular, “you have to have interesting developments to get investors and carry them out, because in the long term tourism investment is very profitable,” said Carrillo.

Finally, Zozaya said that his main competitor is ignorance, and the challenge is to make the destinations and projects known to people who visit Mexico for the first time.

“The people who come and know us come back. 40% of our passengers are the first time they leave the United States; Of that 40%, 95% return satisfied, so the market size is extraordinary, “he pointed out.

Through different forums the entrepreneurs of the sector have been pronounced by the continuity in the tourism policy of Mexico and also by the permanence of the holders of Sectur and of the Council of Tourism Promotion, Gloria Guevara Manzo and Rodolfo López Negrete, Respectively, in the face of the new administration.

In particular, Pablo Azcárraga, as head of the CNET, stated that it is necessary to maintain what has given good fruit and at the same time correct what brought stumbles, favoring continuity.

They said that their requests are partisan, what matters are the results in favor of a strategic sector for the economy. It should not be a clean slate, but give continuity to the strategies that have been successful; Something similar was done in the United States when the current President Obama took office, leaving several members of the former government in his cabinet.

For example, Alejandro Zozaya said: “I would love to be the case of Secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo and Rodolfo López Negrete, who stayed. But if the people are not left, at least the policies remain, the strategies, regardless of the candidate or the political party. ”

For its part, Azcárraga pointed out that we need a super-Secretariat of tourism, stronger, with greater commitment, that has more resources that allow him to generate more and better information, more and better promotion and therefore, better income.

The theme tourism is strategic for the Mexican economy, so it will be very important the interest that puts the next government, whatever the winning party. It is for this reason that the businessmen of the tourist sector have insisted to the various candidates for the presidency of the Republic, in various forums, on the importance of continuing with the strategies applied in tourism matter by the outgoing federal administration.

Mexico is a world tourism power that must be exploited much better, attract more international tourists and better quality so that the revenues that leave the country are much higher than today through higher consumption and also better quality.