14 cities more europa belas

14 cities more europa belas

Lisbon, light and nostalgia

The nostalgia flows for the rúas of a city that always seems distant. Lisbon belongs to another epoch, which there mark its narrow routes and its lookouts, its sky and its ocean. And the light, always the light, which allows to travel to the past in spite of the fact that only the sight rests in its paved soils and its old houses. A muse for a poet.
Edinburgh, culture and diversion

There come every year up to the Scotch capital hundreds of thousands of visitors with the intention of savouring all kinds of diversions, also night. But Edinburgh is, also, an active focus of culture, which finds its culmination in summer, during the celebration of its International Festival dedicated to the scenic arts.

London, the capital inabarcable

Imposing and always renewed dose of culture, monuments of all the epochs complemented with big natural spaces, more tradition than avant-garde, and the desire to possible british be supported more in spite of its indisputable cosmopolitism do of London one of the most visited cities of the world, behind Hong Kong and Singapore.

Antwerp, fashion in the street

Cosmopolitan and with style. Full of animated patios, fashionable shops of designers who have revolutionized the rules of dressing and the nice people who moves in bicycle. The fashion is one of the axes that define the second city of Flanders. Rubens and the Baroque, the diamonds and the delight of the Escalda complete the circle.

Paris, divine half, human half

IF there is a city in the world that illustrates the meaning of the beauty, this is Paris. Metropolis of the arts and the history, of the museums and the churches, of the gastronomy and the fashion, Paris makes love itself and wastes a spiritual delight that penetrates for five senses of the traveler, turning him into an addict of the sublime offer of sensations of the French capital.

Copenhagen, merchant heart

Those who compare it with some another European capital commit an error, in addition to an enormous injustice, since Copenhagen has proper personality and attractions more than in abundance to satisfy the tastes of all kinds of travelers. And, separate topics, he is worth visiting it in any season.
Ámsterdam, reflexes in the water
There is this 2013 the year in which the Dutch capital aspires to recover its cultural stamp. That one that turns concerning the life and work of illustrious artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh to submerge later up to the fund in its mythical channels. Happy and refined, the city wakes up every day with a new history to be counted.

Stockholm, Nobel Prize of the beauty

Born of the determination of the man for joining islands concerning the lake Mälaren, the Swedish capital is preserved by the delight of an old medieval quarter without resigning from the new architecture. Avant-garde design and young people got excited about the rock, but also old cane fishermen on its bridges and beaches of crystalline waters.

Saint Petersburg, spoiled by the czars

Baroque palaces and cathedrals adorning its avenues, one of the best museums of the world, the packing of the days of the czars with the tracks of the revolution. All this waits on the labyrinth of channels and islands of the second Russian city, washed now by the yellow light of its White Nights.

Ljubljana, the prisoner of the dragon

Kidling compared to other big European capitals, preserves the stately delight of its baroque small palaces, touches New art and a revolutionary town-planning exposition, with areas landscaped in the old town that integrate in an eclectic architecture miscellany of Mediterranean classicism and functionality.

Vilna, the gem of the Baltic

It possesses a miscellany of styles that they remind vaguely to cities like Prague or Paris, – with that it has been about to compare it – but it shines with a proper and different personality. Of cozy and accommodating spirit, he stands out for the peculiar and only way with which it made to triumph under its white clouds.

Berlin, dynamic character

The deep desire to recover the harmony that one denied to him to this metropolis during almost three decades, the time in which the Wall divided the city, has become true. its historical and cultural attractions make her fascinating and surprising to the traveler, who will walk along a stage where the history has left many traces.
Krakow, the Slavonic treasure
There was saying the Polish writer Wilhelm Feldman (1868-1919) that the soul of its country was residing in Krakow, in its cobbled streets, in its remains of walls, in its houses of reddish stone … its inhabitants Have, certainly, a lot of luck since they enjoy a city replete with monumental treasures and declared Patrimony of the humanity.

Geneva, the arrested time

In the heart of the Alps, they know by intuition the silhouette of Mont Blanc in the distance, powerful and always vigilant. Although the emotional capital, that not real, of Switzerland he does not need that anybody takes care of it. Alone it is she who is enough to preserve a legacy that is the historical reflex of a way of understanding the life, calm and in peace.

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance

The capital toscana is a beautiful city where they are and to be able to live through it a few days it is a gift for the senses. Its harmony and its good architectural taste infect a romantic frame of mind and fill him to one of humility, something inevitable before the deployment of geniuses who left here an indelible and perfect trace.

Montecarlo, the rock of the glamor

A Casino Belle Époque, four hotels of five stars, gardens, fashionable shops, exclusive jewelry shops and a big concentration of luxurious cars do of the golden Circle of Montecarlo the epicenter of millionaires and famous persons. It is the district most known about Monaco, but in a brief walk it is possible to cover the whole Principality.

Blunt, eternal decline

With its shameless delight of decadent airs, he states on its skin the step of the centuries and the trace that on her the best artists have left. It offers a window towards the eternity and lessons of beauty in the middle of the chaos of its daily life. Like that is Caput Mundi, contradictory, crafty and, over all the things, condenadamente beautiful.
Dubrovnik, I shelter in the Adriatic Sea
Proud and fearless for centuries, parapetada after its walls and ready to be reborn whenever an earthquake or the war have devastated it. The jewel of the Croatian coast, in the most southern part of Dalmatia, looks in the blue mirror of the Adriatic Sea and invites the traveler to get lost for its cobbled alleys.

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