30 Christmas wishes for tourism on the 2019

30 Christmas wishes for tourism on the 2019

It is time to give thanks and to make a count of what happened in the year, but it is also a good time to ask and wish for things. From our position as a means of tourist information, we know that there is much that has been done well in this sector, but on the other hand, we understand that there is a very large opportunity field from which to continue working.

We consulted our followers on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) asking them what they would ask for tourism this Christmas.

The answers were varied and came from all over Latin America. We try to group all of them or the most important ones, modifying the structure of the phrase to make it more comprehensible. We thank each one of you for your support and confidence in giving these answers.

Here we present the “30 Christmas Wishes” for tourism in the 2019:

“That the World Tourism Organization is in the hands of professionals in tourism” – Carlos Mollinedo Cruz

“That we do not charge 21% to artisans for selling our products”-Dante Julian Bravo Calderon

“Let the tourists stop asking the artisans: Is it the least?, that the providers of tourist services stop being malinche with the same nationals.” – Lupis Almazán Cervantes

“To give tourism the value it has”-Carlos Gomez

“Better salaries for tour service providers”-Francisco Mejía Mendoza

“Less polluting tourists” – Virley Low

“That there was a train to go through the Mayan route; and promote national tourism “– Araa Gonzalez

“Responsible and environmentally conscious tourists of the impact that each visit causes” – Dei dei Cm

Tourism in the 2019 best wishes

“That tourists keep in mind that not always the most economic value they find in the market is the most reliable. Give companies the value they deserve because they help us fulfill the dreams of our Customers “– Raquel Mendez Diaz

“May everyone have the chance to travel-David Galindo

“Road Safety and Education” – Leslie Mendieta

“Do not contaminate the place where they visit” – Elisa Leonida Tolentino Carhuaricra

“The end of informality and more union between tourism entrepreneurs” – Eduardo Villanueva Cano

“That the SECTUR be directed by a ‘ Turismólogo ‘ suitable for the position”: Damaris Merin

“Promoting responsible tourism” – Alba Olive

“Let people understand that tourism is not only hotels, agencies and transportation, but it encompasses many more things” – Maximillian Facen

“That people have better quality in their lives and a more ecological consciousness so that they can travel and know both their respective countries and the World” – Ruta Magica

“Investment in transportation so that they can travel better and safer” – Claudia Rebeca Lopez Velarde

“Staff with a vocation for service and positive attitude”-Omar Barajas

“That there is a lot of work for everyone, both for those who already have time in the sector and for those who are starting” – Sonia Alvarez

“Non-conformist graduates in tourism”-QAROSILVA1

“Open more doors for sustainable tourism”-Marcela. 877

“More tourism and opportunities for the sector” – Jesus_18_jimenezz

“Let’s take better care of natural resources”-baldemares

“Return the CPTM”-Cirzepau

“Don’t cancel more airports”-KRLOSMXL

“Do not take the budget away from the magic people and colleagues will not be fooled by promises of work. A real Lic. In tourism contributes, helps, cares and supports the natural resource so Santa/Reyes/Niño God and colleagues to chingarle this year and that we all support tourism to grow “-ferpichardo1


“That the graduates in tourism value our work and with our good attitude the society gratified us… that do not remove more budget to the magical towns and sustainable towns and that return the Council of tourist Promotion of Mexico”-CINTIAJGV

“More development opportunities, more resources in the sector. Awareness and Sensibility in all people to care for our natural resources, cultural, etc. “-Itlaliperez

And you, what do you want for tourism?



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