Are you a student or a teacher and are you going out on a trip? You need the ISIC credential

Are you a student or a teacher and are you going out on a trip? You need the ISIC credential

Have you ever imagined that there was a credential that could give you benefits around the world for being a student or a teacher? This credential exists, is called ISIC International Student Identity Card and is endorsed by entities such as UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Ministries of education and Tourism as well as the European Council of Culture.
The purpose of granting this credential to students and teachers is the cultural promotion around the world because with it you earn different benefits as discounts for tickets to museums, food and beverage establishments, works of Theatres and even discounts on airlines, among many other things.

Participating together with this non-profit organization, about 120 countries where you can carry the credential and make use of it in the places that are affiliated.

ISIC has three types of credentials

International Student Identity Card for students.
International Youth Travel Card for young travellers between 12 and 29 years of age.
International teacher Identity card for teachers.
The requirements are few and are different for each of them, but do not worry, if you want to process it will not cost much work. In the case of the student credential it is only necessary to carry an original and current proof of study, as well as a child size photograph. If you are a young traveler, you only need a copy of an ID that proves your age and your respective child size photograph. If you are a teacher you must go with your current credential of the institution where labors, a letter letterhead your school to certify you as a teacher and child photography.

The cost for any of the credentials is $190 MXN, is available in Mexico and you can buy it in different parts of the country, as there are many points of sale in CDMX and 19 other states of the Republic, which you can consult on their page directly , in the acquisition Point Finder. Although at the moment there is no distribution in all States, does not mean that you can not obtain it, since there is an online procedure and the credential can be sent by parcel.
They also have an app called ISIC benefits that will show you the establishments that are near you where you can use your credential, as well as the route to go to them. Currently more than 350 brands and entities have affiliated in Mexico for the acceptance of the ISIC, ITIC or IYIC, such as optical Devlyn, Benedetti´s, car rental Alamo, Victoria´s Secret, Turibus CDMX, language courses Education First, Choice Hotels Mexico, Aeromexico, Cineteca Nacional, bookstores the basement, among many others.

In the same way if you have a company and you are interested to join this network so that other students or teachers from different parts of the world know you when visiting the country, you can do it. You will receive different benefits since they will be in charge of promoting to those who obtain it, by means of the use of emails, their web page and printed media when processing the credential.

If you would like to know more information about ISIC consult its official website International Student Identity Card.

5 Tips for tourism students and teachers

For any period in which you find yourself in your career in tourism and in any country, and surely you have noticed that when you study tourism is not only because you like to travel, and speak other languages, but it is a career that includes different aspec Cough. I am a recent graduate of Hotel & Tourism Management and I share some tips for you to continue in this sector with great success:

1. Be Curious
Curiosity is the beginning of knowledge acquisition. By questioning, discovering, informing you and interested in different subjects, people, cultures, situations or traditions, you are expanding your knowledge and there will always be an opportunity to be presented to share it. Knowledge is power, and in addition to transmitting it in your environment you will see that what you learn through curiosity will always be highly valued.

2. Expand your network and participate in all kinds of events that you can go to
Do not miss any opportunity to attend conferences, seminars, expos, talks, festivals, trainings etc., in relation to tourism, the hotel, the restaurant industry and more. On the one hand, you are naturally going to add to your preparation and know new concepts or you will be able to deepen even more certain topics that you already know. On the other hand, these events usually bring together the network of this industry in which I advise you to take the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask for business cards of contacts in which you are interested. Tourism is a sector in which human capital is one of the main assets, that is why expanding your network is indispensable. Insurance at some point you will be presented with the opportunity to contact people you met by participating in these events mentioned.

3. Makes mistakes to progress
It seems to Me that this Council is one of the most important and with which, as students, they are at the right time to commit them. Many times for fear of making it we do not take initiative or action and that leaves us in a “dead time” in which we do not advance. You have to dare and you have to face those situations to make the mistake and learn the lesson and in this way we will remember very well what to do and what not to do. In hotels, for example, a sector in which different information systems are used or “PMS” (Property Management System) The activities of the hotel are linked to this and it is difficult as young people discovering the sector, acquiring the knowledge of its operation of Quick way. Sharing with former classmates at my university, we agreed that our greatest fear of doing internships in hotels was to make a mistake in the systems. You should try to get the most out of it, but if you make a mistake while using it it is fine! Don’t paralyze them! This will always be remembered and not repeated. It also applies to all kinds of situations.

4. Be flexible
Many times we can imagine that when studying the tourism race we will have the ideal positions that we always dream: as directors of restaurants, public relations, organizers of events in hotels, in short each student has Different aspirations relative to their ideal position. We think that coming out of the race and we will be able to conquer and transcend in this sector. That is something that can happen, but every thing at the time and we have to know that to get there we must be flexible. In my opinion, in this sector you should start with different experiences and not only in high administrative levels, but to experience different positions with different responsibilities so that when it is time to get your ideal job, you have An idea of the aspects of other posts you’re conducting.

5. Be proud of your country and best coupon
We have as students of Mexican tourism, an immense advantage that our country is in the Top 10 of the most visited countries in the world (sixth position). Mexico is unique in its culture and traditions that are always alive, colorful and transcendent. It has an unmatched competitive advantage in the tourist area that is the Mexican spirit cozy, passionate, helpful, smiling and visionary. Also, its surface is really important and another of its advantages: if we overlap the Mexican territory to the European one, it goes from the point of the southwest of France to Moscow, almost the European continent! You can add our gastronomy, so different and exquisite that represents the pride of each state and was declared a cultural intangible heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. And good to say of its incomparable natural beauties and its amazing landscapes that leave all tourists without air.

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