Diversification of the tourist offer in Manta

Manta is a progressive city in terms of growth in physical work, the hotel chains, the new port Terminal, the steps of Unlevel, among other works, leave in evidence the exposed. This has led to a continuous flow of tourism to the city, because of the facilities it provides and especially for sun and beach tourism or traditional, which is easy to access within the urban center.
Prior to the development of this small writing, it is necessary to specify two definitions or theoretical conceptions of what are “the tourist offer” and “diversification”. For its part, the tourist offer is understood as the set of goods and services able to facilitate the commercialization of the tourist product in order to satisfy the demand of the visitors or in its effect of the tourists.

While diversification, it is called the process by which a company in this case a tourist city like Manta, it passes to offer new products, such diversification is realized with the spirit to satisfy the growing necessities of the global markets or Local.

In this scenario, we know that Manta has a clear tourist offer, is sold as a destination of sun and beach with hotel facilities necessary to attend with skill to the market, however, in this space is wanted to share some of the ideas that can be Useful to break the paradigm of sun and beach, and go in search of new tourist products.

Blanket sites for tourism

In the foreground, there is much talk of tourist routes, even going to be the thematic axis of the National Congress of Tourism Manta 2018, however, it seems difficult to keep them in the timeline, for example, at some point was raised the route of the museums of the C Iudad, however, could not crystallize, perhaps because of the lack of promotion, or the same disinterest of the authority of duty and local companies. Despite that, they remain a good idea, with low costs, and that all they require is to assemble a tourist package, establish responsible and schedules and put them for sale.

It seems to be also a good proposal the chronological route of the city, the same one that seeks to put in Sale the Prehispanic, Republican and the current Manta. The best of both proposals is not only the economic aspect, but they can contribute to the empowerment of the collective regarding the local culture and the history of our city.

In the background, the rural areas of Manta have attributes, characteristics, scenarios and landscapes that have been very little used, and from here comes the idea of selling photography tourism, experiential, archaeological, gastronomic, trekking, among others. Reflect for a moment on the following: Apart from the beach, the hotels and the shipyard, what more offer blanket within the urban centre? Very little to my mind and that of other colleagues, in fact, in tourist packages almost always sells “Manta and its surroundings”. It is then this, an invitation to create new products directed towards the rural areas, taking into consideration that these will not only benefit small groups, but rather, they will involve sectors that have been subject, rather than subject of benefits.

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