Ecuador, tourism power?

Ecuador, tourism power?

The term power, can be interpreted from different optics, so that in physics refers to the amount of work done per unit of time, if we speak of world power, we mean a country that has the ability to project power, both Political as well as economically, while in tourism, according to the campaign “Ecuador Power Tourism”, is the cluster of: cultural heritage, scaffolding or tourist infrastructure, natural resources and all those properties of the country that arouse the interest Tourist to be visited.

The aforementioned campaign included among its actions the slogan “Travel first Ecuador”, which sought to promote a culture of hospitality and motivate Ecuadorians to know first Ecuador, ie, encourage internal tourism.

Following this same line, in the year 2017, the utopian idea of “a tourist for each inhabitant” was raised, interpreting that the country should enter 16 million of tourists, with the application of the policy of open skies to fulfill this purpose.

And so the tourism sector has been listening to proposals, projects, ideas, etc., which have not been painfully fulfilled. Although I do not want to make firewood from the fallen tree, as we say here in Manabí, it is necessary to emphasize the policy of open skies, established through Executive Decree 256, which adopts as national public policy the full liberalization of air transport At the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, Latacunga and Manta, with the main purpose of encouraging the arrival of new airlines and routes to the country.

tourism power?


However, it turns out that traveling in air transport in Ecuador can be more expensive than going to Peru, Panama, Mexico or Colombia, the problems of high costs in air transport come from 2012, when the former president by executive decree 968, Eliminated the subsidy to the plane fuel, and despite the open skies policy driven by the current government, quietly on the Manta-Quito-Manta route, you can find an aerial ticket at $580, extremely high value if compared to the prices of Tickets on international routes from the countries mentioned above.

What is inconceivable in a country that claims to want to live off tourism in the medium term, who seeks to travel “first Ecuador” but how?, with prices so high for an internal flight, or with the price hike for gasoline, which will surely be reflected in the increase Of the terrestrial passages, even when the tourism has been included in the Agenda of productive transformation, for the change of the productive matrix of Ecuador.

It is this lack of eloquence, between wishing to be a leading tourist destination and the actions taken to achieve what is desired, which leaves in doubt several of the objectives posed by the MINTUR. In such a scenario, it is a priority to establish regulations directed to define the ceilings for ticket prices on national routes.

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