First University Forum of Tourism in Acapulco

First University Forum of Tourism in Acapulco

The University Forum of Tourism is a space specially directed for students of tourism where they will be able to interact with professional experts of the sector, as well as to acquire tools and knowledge that will help them in their academic and professional life.

The event will take place in Acapulco on 17.18 and May 19, 2019 at the facilities of the Holyday Inn Resort, plus it will be complemented by events at the Palladium Disco and the Playita Santa Lucia.

In the words of Mario Legaia, General Director of the University Forum of Tourism, “the Forum will benefit students with hours/practice, and unlike traditional practices where you pay to go to work at a hotel, this is a place where you have the Opportunity Yes to have fun, but especially to learn from the best and most experienced actors directly involved with tourism. ”

“We are preparing a great tourism event, important personalities who will share their experience and knowledge specifically for the students, to broaden their panorama of the job opportunities and entrepreneurship they have with This race, which in addition to being beautiful, represents a wide range of economic possibilities, “he added.

Inside the guest panel is the presence of the Secretary of Tourism of Guerrero, Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona and José Luis Basilio, secretary of Tourism of Acapulco; The most recognized chef and Banqueter in Mexico, Susana Palazuelos; Paris Jaime, operative Director of Baby’O, the most successful album of America; Edgar Morales “The Beaver” known for his interesting capsules in the most wonderful places in Mexico; Erick de Santiago, founder of the successful campaign “speak Well of Aca” and director of “La Playita Santa Lucia”; Santos Ramírez, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies of Guerrero (AMAV); Piquis Rochin, Director of international promotion; John Barnard, a successful marine biologist; Francisco Mejía, Director General of the magazine “Tourist Environment”; Mariana Manrique, tourism researcher, among others.

The interaction between speakers and students will be a fundamental part of the forum, as in addition to exposing topics of interest, they speak in a personal way about their projects that today are authentic cases of success, so the question and answer session could be something Most interesting for attendees.

When tourists win and the artisans lose…

When you buy something handmade you are buying a moment of happiness from the other person. Have you ever wondered how much the haggling affects a craftsman?, a person who produces art by hand, that is, typical products of the region or country, and ultimately satisfies a need or desire of the tourist.
I was in the state of Hidalgo, to be specific in the small town of Huejutla, celebrating one of the greatest traditions of Mexico, the day of the dead, considered intangible Cultural heritage of humanity. It was around the square watching the amazing traditional dances with wooden masks and wonderful blanket attire, while tasting the rich gastronomy like the bread of the dead, enchiladas and others.

As I walked through the handicrafts area I noticed a fairly cheerful gentleman, chatty, and a smile that would infect anyone, with their wooden masks on the floor on a blanket. Around it there were foreigners and national travelers admiring the masks by the details they had. So I walked up to see which one I liked the most.

At that moment the Mexican travelers asked: what is the minimum price that can give to the mask?, and the craftsman’s response was that he could not reduce the price, but did not give the reason. That led to a lot of thanks from the tourists and proceeded with their way.

When they moved away, the craftsman managed to say that the price was reduced only to take the product, because unfortunately he had not had the fortune to sell with some frequency. The tourists took advantage of the moment and agreed to the agreement to buy that great painted wooden mask with its excellent details that most people carried with pride.

Currently there are families who live on the products they make to sell to tourists, and some do not appreciate the importance of this art.

Unfortunately a large percentage of tourists look for a price decline as a negotiation-win/lose technique. One as a tourist does not think of the efforts made by artisans when they sell on the street, and we feel with the right to put a price on their work, without taking into account that everything is worth their effort, dedication, product complexity and investment of time.

We must bear in mind that thanks to tourists the economy in the communities is improved; And it is the same locals who design products and services to attract visitors ‘ attention and generate sales. That’s why some artisans look for ways to play with the buyer’s mind without being rude. One of the strategies used by artisans is to let the client know how much time it took to make the product, so that the same tourist from his point of view values the effort that has taken to manufacture it and not feel deceived , and to be able to access the price without excuses and without having to haggle.

From the moment I had this experience, I admire the artisans more for all the effort, art and culture that they have and apply to continue doing what they love. 

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