Health tourism in Villa Clara, Cuba

Health tourism in Villa Clara, Cuba

In times where the number of tourists arriving every year in Cuba increases considerably, it is pertinent to think of the new offers that can be offered in order to diversify and make the national destination more attractive. Although the sun and beach product, well positioned in the markets as a distinctive hallmark of the island, remains a leader in the tourism market, it could very well be combined in a harmonious way with other modalities, since each time more and more interests are manifested Different from foreign visitors. We are at the ideal time for a large-scale takeoff of other options and diversify the Cuban tourism proposal with other modalities such as nature tourism, nautical, circuits, sports tourism and health.

Along with sun-lovers, white sands and warm waters, every year more than 20.000 visitors flock to our country in search of health. Which places us as one of the main markets worldwide. Cuba offers medical tourism at excellent prices, with certifications and recognition for payment by insurance agencies, who even promote and stimulate their patients to be cared for in our country getting savings Important in the payment of the services.

Our visitors have recognized Cuba as a destination full of experiences on every trip. The endorsement of an excellent health system, with institutions designed for each specific treatment, places health tourism in the largest of the Antilles in a position to respond to the most demanding clients in terms of physical and mental resettlement. The tourists who visit us have also discovered that the care of their health and the medical care provided is of great quality because of the human and professional treatment that they receive from the doctors and the support staff. The two main motivators of patient flow are the waiting time for treatments in their home country, especially in Canada; Also the security that Cuba offers and the most affordable prices of treatments and therapies.


Cuba for the tourist world

Patients from all over the world travel to Cuba to attend medical procedures of orthopaedics, cardiology, dental treatments attended by medical professionals with different specialties and of great experience and recognition. Traditional medicine advances in conjunction with state-of-the-art technologies, in a combination that points to the unique goal of raising the quality of life of the population, as well as being available to visitors to the country seeking to attend one or Another health condition. The medical tourism industry is in full swing and development at the global and regional level and has no indications to be reduced, on the contrary, everything aims to see a significant and continuous growth.

Villa Clara, the third tourist destination of the country, does not escape this phenomenon. It is therefore necessary to think of expanding the hospital infrastructure with which it is counted to cope with the also growing medical tourism and to make this province a health destination.

Beyond a place of transit because of its location in the center of the island, Villa Clara consolidates itself as an attractive destination. The arrival of visitors amounted to more than 600,000 physical tourists with an average stay of three days. The endorsement of an excellent health system, with institutions designed for each specific treatment, places health tourism in Villa Clara in a position to respond to the most demanding clients in terms of physical and mental resettlement.

For international medical care The province has the Cayo Santa María International Clinic and a medical position at the Valentín Perla Blanca Hotel in the keys Norte, in addition to an international medical care room at the clinical surgical Hospital “Arnaldo Milian “De Santa Clara has 4 beds for admission and treatment, in which emergency services are provided, as well as in the Hospital heart. There are also 4 international pharmacies located in Santa Clara, Placetas, Caibarién and Sagua la Grande and an optician’s shop in Santa Clara. (SMC Comercializadora de Servicios médicos, S. A Sucursal Villa Clara, n.d.)

Despite the quality of service and the professionalism of its workers, these institutions are insufficient to the increasing number of tourists who arrive in the province especially if it is intended to promote medical tourism. It is clear then that for Villa Clara, this modality constitutes a niche to take into account and to exploit more strongly, as part of the purpose and the governmental will to manage new mechanisms that contribute to oxygenate the health sector while they position the Destination within this modality of tourism. To think of a diversification of the medical tourism, to expand the portfolio of services taking advantage of the shortcomings of the competition is then decisive if it is intended to strengthen this sector and to achieve expand and increase the quality of the tourist offer.

Medical tourism is a market with great potential for the national economy. Many countries have taken advantage of the business opportunities offered by the sector, given the enormous added value of the services it entails and their ability to increase the revenues of the destination.

Growth forecasts indicate that the market will continue to expand internationally in the coming years. This is a sector with a great potential for growth. Undoubtedly, health tourism is an attractive market to develop, especially in a context in which increased value added and diversification of the tourism sector is a clear objective. The tourists of health are characterized by making an average expenditure per trip and average stay and repetition superior to the average of the conventional tourists, which could make better profitable the tourist sector of the archipelago. Indeed, this increase in income could contribute to the renewal and differentiation of the tourism product in the region.

Villa Clara and its tourism development are not an option but a booming destination and ready to continue to grow in quality and quantity of services and products and thus become a benchmark for medical tourism.


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