holidays to feel new

holidays to feel new

Relax, become nice, spoil you … You will see that well you feel inside and on the outside.
It leaves behind the stress and the worries, and penetrate into a sensations world renovators; the one that you will find in the spas, spas and thermal centers of Spain. There are places where the important only thing your well-being is. It discovers the best beauty treatment: that they take care of you. You will feel as new.

The beach is an exceptional place to relax and to feel good, insurance that you have verified it one day. The breeze, the climate, the sea… form an environment that contributes serenity and vitality. On the beach of Spain, also, you will have the opportunity to promote so healthy benefits visiting any of the spas that you will find close to the coast. You will love the result.

The quality and the excellent conditions of the beaches of Spain are in abundance acquaintances. In some coastal zones also you will be able to make the most of the opportunity to look after and to improve its aspect. You will have only to put yourself in hands of the professionals that you will find in the spas and nearby thermal centers. To visit them will be a very comforting experience. Stay at them and discover the curative properties of its waters mineromedicinales, throw to try novel treatments on or enjoy the programs of esthetics and beauty. Next, we present to you the different possibilities that exist in the Spanish coast.

For the coast of the north

In Gallicia, in the locality of Arteixo (A Coruna), an agreeable walk will lead you to the northwest of Spain from the spa up to the sea; while in Carballo, you will find the fabulous sandbank of the Razo to only 8 kilometers of the Old Baths of Carballo. If you approach to the province of Pontevedra, in the locality of O Grove you will find the Island of the Toja, a paradisiac natural enclave with a spa of aristocratic and evocative freightage.
Following the line of the sea Cantabrico, you will find in Cantabria, to 17 kilometers of the bay of Santander, the spa and the monumental set of Liérganes. Already in the Basque Country surrounded with mountains and vegetation, and to only 8 kilometers of the beaches of Zumaia and Zarautz, you will enjoy the well-being that there bring the treatments of the Spa of Cestona, in Zestoa (Guipuzcoa).

Looking to the Mediterranean Sea

The coast of Catalonia, in the North-East of Spain, will present several options to you to choose. In the Costa Brava of Girona, the Center of Hydrotherapy GEM is located in Lloret of Sea, a tourist destination of big seaworthy tradition; and to 20 kilometers of the beach you will be able to visit the thermal complex of Caldes de Malavella with the famous spas of Prats and Catalan Vichy. On the beach of Barcelona, almost to the same rim of the sea they are Spa Titus in the picturesque locality of Arenys of the Sea and the Spa Hotel Columbus in Caldes d’Estrac. Finally, in the Costa Dorada of Tarragona, they wait to you for the Spa of Coma-Ruga, to a step of the beach of Comma Ruga of The Vendrell; and the Spa Montbrió, in Montbrió del Camps, where it is enough to cover 8 kilometers to bathe in the Mediterranean.

Descending for the Mediterranean coast, in the Valencian Community, the Villavieja spas you offer its thermal waters to 7 kilometers of the beaches of Nules, in the Castellón province. While, in Andalusia, to 12 kilometers of the coast of Almeria, there is the locality of Scallop where you will be able to know the Spa of Saw Alhamilla; and in Cadiz, you will enjoy on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean in the Spa of Chiclana of the Border.

Without forgetting, of course, the islands: in Majorca, to only 3 kilometers of the sea the Spa of Saint John is located. For his part, in the Canaries, the facilities of Pozo de la Salud will allow you to discover calmly the exotic beaches of The Iron.


The privilege of feeling renewed with a treatment of beauty and health after one day skiing will be found by you in the Pyrenees, to the North-East of Spain. There you will find spas in which to give you relaxing bubble baths, will enjoy thermal swimming pools, natural heaters or rooms of rest after amusing yourself in the snow of the famous ski resorts that are located in its outskirts. The contrast sensation, between sport and relaxation, in this impressive mountain range is guaranteed.

The extension of the Pyrenees is very wide, so you have to choose between several areas that combine exclusivity, sport and well-being. They emphasize Aragon, with its spa Baths of Benasque and Panticosa Resort (close to fantastic ski resorts as that of Formigal) and Catalonia, with its spa Sant Vicenç and Caldas of Boí (next to stations as Baqueira Beret).

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