IATA estima que en el 2012 el sector aéreo generará US$3.000 millones en beneficios

IATA estima que en el 2012 el sector aéreo generará US$3.000 millones en beneficios

The Air Transport Association (IATA) has lowered its forecasts of economic benefits that the air industry can generate in 2012 by 14% with respect to the last publication in which it envisaged global gains of US $3,500 million “due Mainly to the price of crude oil. ”

This has been a determining factor for the change of estimates calculated for the economic development of the industry in 2012 and is that it must face the price of oil barrel, which has gone from 99 dollars to 115 dollars in the last three months , and maintains an average rate in that price band, so IATA has pointed out that the best economic prospects for the eurozone and the United States have prevented a “greater readjustment” in their forecasts.

Based on these changes, IATA estimates that the global air industry will generate a profit of US $3 billion in 2012, which means that it will reduce to less than half the profits generated during the past year, when the aviation sector reached US $7.900 Million.

The Director General and CEO of IATA, Tony Tyler has stated that “the year 2012 has not ceased to be a challenge for airlines, both for the risk of a worsening in the eurozone, and for the higher price of kerosene, as the behavior of the S airlines tends to accurately reflect the global GDP situation. ”

With regard to the use of assets, IATA expects an increase of 3.2% in the combined supply of passenger and cargo airlines, as well as an increase in the demand of 3.6%, both figures above the previous December forecasts.

The agency has also welcomed the fact that the occupancy factor has returned “to pre-recession levels” after recording a ratio of 76.6% in January.

In addition to having revised its forecasts for 2012, it has done the same with last year’s forecasts. Thus, the International Association has finally estimated profits for the sector of US $7.900 million in 2011, compared to the US $6.900 million that it had foreseen at first, “thanks to a performance of the Chinese companies better than expected.”

European airlines will face the “most difficult situation among all regions”, as they can lose up to $600 million this year, an IATA forecast that remains unchanged with respect to the December update.

“Although a worsening crisis has been averted in the eurozone, it is true that many European economies are in deep depression, which influences the weakness of their business in passengers and cargo,” justifies IATA.

Although the region of North America will record positive results, of US $900 million the region will suffer a drastic decline since the last study, which estimated a profit of US $1.7 billion.

The region that will experience the largest increase will return to Asia-Pacific, as it is estimated to gain a profit of US $2.3 billion in 2012, thanks to the ‘ circulation ‘ of Chinese airlines.

According to new forecasts, the Middle East and Latin America will earn US $500 million and US $100 million, respectively, while African airlines will lose $100 million “for their low occupancy.”

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USA calls for tourism to be boosted from the WTTC summit

In the framework of the first regional meeting of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which takes place in the Rivera Maya, US undersecretary of State, Thomas Nides, said that the tourism industry in the region generates 250 billion dollars and creates the Less than one in 10 jobs and therefore called for all countries in the region to boost the travel and tourism industry as it “will be crucial for growth and economic prosperity throughout the Western Hemisphere.”

Nides, acknowledged that his Government is currently working on visa facilitation because, he said, “is the key” to stimulate economic growth and job creation through tourism.

“We are working on many things besides the visas that will bring our countries closer, such as the Open Skies Agreement, which promotes the iconic destinations of my country (…), and exchanges between people,” he said.

The summit gathers in the spa of Cancun (southeastern Mexico) to the main companies of the sector at international level to celebrate the first summit of the WTTC, with the purpose of analyzing the evolution and perspectives of the Tourism in the Americas.

This meeting takes place after concluding a meeting of Ministers of Tourism of the main developed and emerging economies of the world, an appointment known as T20, held on May 15th and 16th in Mérida (Yucatan, southeast).

According to a preliminary study by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the WTTC presented at the ministerial appointment, facilitating tourist visas could create more than five million new jobs in the group of Twenty (G20) economies for 2015 and Generate more than 206 billion dollars in international tourism revenue.

Official figures show that during 2011 a total of 656 million international tourists visited the G20 countries, of which 110 million needed a visa, while others were prevented from travelling for the cost, the waiting time and the difficulty of Get a visa.

Under Secretary Nides will meet with various government members and business leaders, in addition to providing, according to his work schedule, a U-conference

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