IPN student awarded for boosting tourist spaces for older adults

The student of the Ecole Supérieure de Turismo (EST) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), Ricardo Salgado, received the Tourism Award of Mexico City for a project focused on making it easier for the elderly to physically access the Such attractions in the capital.
With the advice of the Magdalena researcher Maldonado Avalos, the student of the Master in Management and innovation of tourism and awarded by the Secretary of the branch of Mexico City developed a tool that evaluates physical accessibility, Architectural and human capacities of tourist attractions for older adults.

This tool takes into account the vulnerabilities that affect this sector of the population as physical limitations, social segregation, discrimination, diet, care, service and even possible visual, cognitive and motor disabilities, said the INP in a statement.

Outstanding Tourism students

In the master thesis “offer of the historical center of the CDMX for tourism of the elderly”, by which obtained the Special Category award for Best Academic Project, Ricardo Salgado chose 15 attractions like the Palace of Fine Arts, the House of the tiles and the Palacio de Iturbide to apply the methodology of study based on national and international standards and recommendations.

“It is intended that the management companies of the campuses see their areas of opportunity, apply the recommendations to make their spaces accessible to the elderly and increase their economic outpouring,” explained the polytechnic student.

He stressed that although most seniors have limitations and as time goes by they are more vulnerable, that should not be reflected when looking for entertainment.

He mentioned that tourism activity and economic outpouring of the sector in the world are now higher among older adults with purchasing power, because they have time, few family obligations and desire, coupled with that they are willing to spend more for a service of quality.

Ricardo Salgado considered that the information should be visualized to plan prospectively and to exercise the modifications in the attractions and destinations of the city and the country.

Study tourism: A passion with a future!

Nowadays the trend is to study tourism, but many students want to know what is being studied in the tourism career? What are the tourism subjects I have to see during the race? And above all, what are the options to study the degree I have?
Today, it is one of the best paid careers in the academic trend, so we find it very interesting, let’s do it! 🙂

Some people still don’t know what to study and they have a hard time deciding their future careers; This is due to many factors, mainly by not knowing how to find a balance between a good economic and labor future, and a work entertaining or passionate us.

The truth is that I am very envious of people who have decided to study this training, wish I would have studied this university degree at the time, I love traveling!
That is why we will see in depth what is the degree in tourism and what advantages it has to study tourism today. Surely if you have come here little need to explain already about this training, but the knowledge does not take place.
If you have any kind of concern about this training, I will be happy to answer you below in the comments, I love being able to open debate with others on this kind of issues. See you below with more information about the tourism race!


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