“Magical villages Disappear”

“Magical villages Disappear”

Every respected Mexican believes fervently that the terroir that saw it born or grow without a doubt deserves the official denomination of magical people, because of everything that the place of origin represents in our personal imaginary and we would definitely have Strong arguments to expose it clearly, especially if tourism has already taken part in us.
The magic represented by Mexico for the world and the history of humanity has been widely documented by great exponents of the most diverse disciplines; Personally, after twenty years of travel through much of the Mexican Republic, I have come to the conclusion that the magic that represents Mexico is heard, it smells, it is tasted, it is obvious, it is a sensation that you recognize when you experience it… Only in Mexico… all over Mexico.

After this idyllic context, I must admit that it was a disappointment for me to use the denomination magical villages after reading in 2001 the homonymous federal program that in my perspective was created with a spirit directly linked to urban development and public works; With the plus of being embellished with tourist concepts, but without manifesting the power of the concept magical people now officialized (its subsequent operation would confirm).
Practically any locality was able to participate with a good conceptual development and a political godfather who promoted the initiative, in some cases only with the politician was enough.

of the program, although I recognize encouraged the tourist attributes of the localities, I did not find elements that would not lead to a devaluation of the concept because of its probable overcrowding or containing the normalization of the practices that Become a political loot.

This is something unique because despite my opinion, the distinctive magical villages were very well received and accepted by the tourist markets: mainly domestic as the indicators and reality prove it tangible. The program could well be considered a resounding success after practically 17 years of operation where the list of magical towns grew to number 121 and closed in 2018 (apparently), delivering during this period a negligible amount close to the four Billion pesos.


The magic of The Villages

I recognize that all these places fulfilled in time and form with the rules of operation, which have the attributes to hold such denomination and certainly deserve that the budget, however, I reiterate that to my consideration the tourist element It was not the king in this program, but the mainly constructive contracts emanated from this one, so when I read in days past the confirmation of the elimination of the program magical towns as such, after abolishing the concept within the federal budget for 2019, I could not suppress in my person a certain sense of approval for the measure taken, but today I consider it opportune to allow me to issue the following recommendation to the federal government in the face of the anxiety and bewilderment that goes to the participating municipalities and Applicants:

Given the circumstances of success, the program should be retaken as soon as possible, not without first enriching it now with concepts of transparency and anti-corruption that do not allow it to become “a gift” (Miguel Torruco * dixit) between politicians.

The program must now be operated by another unit such as the Secretary of Communications and transport or another that can also exert transversal strategies with the Secretary of Tourism in order to maintain and continue with the benefits reached in the Matter.

In no way should the concept of magical people fall into disuse, on the contrary, it must be rescued by the governmental entity that can and knows to exploit the potential of this powerful concept under other parameters, vision and especially with another mystic that does expose the Magic of our country and our peoples.

Perhaps my dilemma regarding this successful program has a linguistic or semantic origin since I never saw any magic in the Magic Villages Program, and in our country what is left over is magic, but we must find a way to show it to the world in a way Blunt.

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