– your door of entry to the North of Africa – your door of entry to the North of Africa

Developed by the passionate people, he devotes himself to provide the only experiences in Morocco, out of the habitual tourist routes or big urban centers. We want that he travels in Morocco in its purest state and there know the culture and the people of this ground.

Morocco, the pearl of the north of Africa, is placed in the extreme northwest of the African continent, to only 14 km of Spain, separated by the Strait of Gibraltar in Europe. In no other place it is possible to find so many natural wealth, beauty, calm beaches, lakes of crystalline waters, rivers and endless lost, desert peoples of sand and beautiful mountains in an area so reduced as in Morocco.

In the morning you can wake up on the beautiful coast of the Atlantic Ocean, have lunch in the Mountains of the Atlas, and enjoy a walk in camel in the Sahara desert contemplating a wonderful evening. Morocco will not make you indifferent, since an exotic and sure destination is located in north area of Africa.

“Its proximity, Africa and Middle East does to Europe of this country a miscellany of the people, cultures, architectures and languages.”

To the being an excellent option for the holidays, Morocco has many notable characteristics:

The kind and cozy people,
Safety in the streets,
Good climate,
Clean air,
Very tasty meal,
Wonderful nature,
The Sahara desert,
Mountain …

Why to visit Morocco?

This country combines typical so much of the Arab / Berber and the western world. Also, Morocco, it offers a big architectural diversity and abundant natural beauty. Do not forget to take yourself your camera to capture the beauty of the sceneries of daydream in Morocco.

You will not have to think very much to take beautiful pictures in Morocco, it is enough to click and capture the most beautiful photos of its holidays in its album. It is easy. The singular beauty of Morocco does of the country a very nice destination to photograph.

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is in the north of Africa.

Often called like door of entry to Africa, or the door of Europe, Morocco living between the diverse cultures and different worlds.

Morocco borders on Algeria, Mauritania and Spain in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Morocco and Europe separate for only to 14 km across the Strait of Gibraltar.

It is possible to come to Morocco in 35 minutes in ship of the Spanish city of Tariff, for example.


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