Mexico get headquarters of World Travel Council summit

Mexico get headquarters of World Travel Council summit

Within the framework of the third plenary meeting of the T-20 group, which brings together representatives of the sector of the largest economies of the planet, held in Paris, France, representatives of the sector of the largest economies of the planet, held in Paris, France. The announcement was given that Mexico will host the first Regional Summit of the Americas of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

According to the SECTUR in a press release sent to this meeting will strengthen the tourism promotion of the country by having the opportunity to show the local cultural and tourist richness, in addition to the agenda of events of great magnitude such as the Program of the Mayan World.

The Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara, said that this activity is an engine for the economic and social development of for all, especially for those countries whose economy depends to a large extent on the world tourism market, so it called on the ministers of Other countries to consider tourism as a priority in their political agendas.

On his side, the Secretary of the World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai, said in his presentation during the T-20 group plenary, that the authorities of Mexico have a “great commitment to tourism” and referred as an example the statement last February in Declare the year 2011, as “The Year of tourism”, in addition to the signing of the National Agreement for Tourism that supports actively Mexican President Felipe Calderón.

For his part, the president of WTTC, David Scowsill, said that this country is an example to follow in terms of tourism by the measures taken to increase the number of foreign visitors in the next six years.

In the communiqué of the SECTUR, it realizes that the Assistant Director general of Tourism of Spain, Horacio Díaz of the boat, recognized the commitment of the Government of Mexico towards this activity and emphasized the fact that the President Felipe Calderón was the first representative at level International to sign the so-called Golden Book.

 Argentina ready for Tourism Fair FIT 2011

With 5% more surface and an increase of 3% of exhibitors, the 16th edition of the International Tourism Fair of Latin America FIT 2011 is prepared to open its doors…

With 5% more surface and an increase of 3% of exhibitors, the 16th edition of the International Fair of Tourism of Latin America FIT 2011 is prepared to open its doors this Saturday October 29 at the Fairgrounds La Rural de Palermo , in the city of Buenos Aires.

According to a note sent to the wording of the agency the Fair has an average of 80000 visitors, the organizers bet on the success of this edition that has as a novelty the participation of Nepal, Lebanon and Botswana, the return of Israel and a pavilion of 5 mi L meters, exclusive to Brazil.

According to the authorities of the Association of Tourism Hotels of the Argentine Republic-AHT-, this participation aims to consolidate the presence of the association in National and International fairs and congresses, generating contacts tending to the Optimization of the activities of the AHT and of the possible benefits for its associates.

In addition, it is envisaged the signing of conventions concerning the development of the tourism and hotel sector. Wi-Fi Internet service will also be offered so that the associated establishments can develop their daily activities from the fair, becoming a meeting point for members of the AHT and colleagues in the Sector.

According to Ricardo Roza, and president of the Argentinean Association of Travel and Tourism agencies (AAAVyT) and FIT2011, says that, economically, the fair is “one of the most possible equations” in relation to the number of contacts and businesses that are generated in the four Days of exposure. “We think of it as a proposal that will serve the exhibitor, the tourist and anyone who wants to participate. We are not a company, we are an entity, and we must give results to the one that comes to expose. This year we are going to grow more than 10% in public quantity, “he clarified.

Basically the AAAVyT is the essence of the fair. This is one of the few fairs in the world that is organized by the Business Chamber. ‘ Our work at the national level is to ensure the participation of the entrepreneurs in the different pavilions. In the case of the littoral, North, Cuyo, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Patagonia, regions assigned by the Federal Council of Tourism, private entrepreneurs accompany the provincial and municipal secretaries of tourism in this important event ‘.

Roza expresses that in tourism the strategic associativity public-private is not a slogan, is the key, is the day to day. ‘ We work in all areas. From the municipal, in the case of Mar del Plata which is what I know most because I come from that city, we participate even in the preparation of the stand ‘.

The first FIT that did not reach the 7000 meters full surface, and today covers the total of the fairgrounds of Palermo, which in some way is the only limit that is for the amount of exhibition surface, there are no more pavilions to generate new possibilities .

In fifteen years of growth and solidity, FIT has become a benchmark for other countries. Roza says that we work with other fairs to build a coherent calendar that favors the journey through Latin America of exhibitors who come more distant places. “This also allows that, with a homogeneous material, the exhibitor can have the whole of an interesting market. Latin America is a region that emits a very good purchasing power tourism to many countries. That is well known to Europe, the United States and the countries of Asia. ”

The maximum responsible of the FIT2011, refers to the “causality” of the lines of action taken by the different actors in the tourism sector: “When you speak in the successful model to copy, the model of promotion of Argentina is based on the Brazilian market. The FIT is not going to do something against what we are doing associatively with the national government. In that sense you have to know the strategy and that means copying and improving. “

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