More important tourist places of Brazil

More important tourist places of Brazil

Hill of the Hunchbacked one

The Hill of the Hunchbacked one is one of the main symbols of the city of Rio de Janeiro and it owes its name to its particular form. In the top of the hill, to 710 mts. on the sea level, the icon of Brazil is: Redeeming Christ. The statue of Christ Redentor was inaugurated in 1931 and it measures approximately 30 mts. of height. The best way of amounting to the hill to visit Christ is in the historical tramcar, which trip of approximately 10 minutes and it is realized across the forest up to coming to the station.

The conference during the ascent are really incredible and it allows to stop in the lookouts of Sight Chinesa, Table of the Emperor and Mrs Marta to appreciate better the scenery. The train towards the top sets off every day from Rua Cosme Velho 513 at 8:30 a.m. To come up to the place there exist diverse lines of public transport that come from Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Botafogo or Flamengo. In car one gains access for Rua Cosme Velho.

The revenue is opened to the public from 8 to 18 hs and the cost changes as it is promoted on foot, in train or in car. In the base of the crucifix diverse connected platforms exist if for stairs and from there can be obtained panoramic conference of diverse points of the city, like the Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas, the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon, the Botanical garden, the Jockey Club and big part of the Park of Tijuca, towards the south; and Copacabana, Botafogo, Flamengo, the Bay of Guanabara and the Bread of Sugar, towards the north.

Cataratas del Iguazú

Cataracts of the Iguazú
it is to scarce kilometers of one of the best spectacles of the world: The Cataracts of Iguazú. They are inside the forest reservation of the national park of Iguazú. Considered like one of the natural marvels of our planet, every day they are visited by tourists of the whole world who remain astonished before so many beauty. The river Iguazú, which has a width of approximately 4 km wide, becomes narrower, 275 cataracts fall down, many of which overcome 100 mts. of height.
The park is provided with lookouts and footbridges for the trips on foot and also excursions exist in ship and helicopter to be able to observe them in all its splendor. The park offers to the visitors several souvenirs shops as this way also bars and restaurants. In Foz de Iguazú there exist regular lines of buses that lead up to the revenue to the Cataracts and also it is very common to be mobilized in taxis.
For whom they decide to visit the city of Foz do Iguazú it is advisable that they do not get lost the visit to the Hydroelectric Dam of Itaipú, an installation of gigantic dimensions and an imposing spectacle; and a trip for the Park you give Birds, where there can be observed hundreds of regional species of birds.

Bread of Sugar

At first this hill was called Pau-nh-Açquá, name given by the Indians Tupí. Later and due to its form, its name was changed by the Portugueses who called it Pão de Açúcar. This hill has a 750 mts height. on the sea level and from there, as of the Hunchbacked Hill, excellent panoramic conference of the city can be obtained.
Many of the visitors decide to amount to the top climbing, but without doubts the most traditional and comfortable way is by means of the teleférico (bondinho), in functioning from 1912. The route of the teleféricos towards the top is carried out in two stretches: the first one of them goes from the Praia Vermelha up to a 220 mts height. on the sea level and it realizes the stop in the top of the Knob gives Killer whale. The second part of the trajectory comes up to Pão de Açúcar, to 750 mts. and it is from there where the best conference are appreciated. The ideal schedule to climb is during the sunset. The teleféricos are 2 and they divide every 30 minutes from Praza General Tibúrcio in Killer whale.

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