More useful languages if you dedicate yourself or want to dedicate yourself to tourism

More useful languages if you dedicate yourself or want to dedicate yourself to tourism

In an increasingly globalized world, language dominance is an essential requirement for work. We no longer compete with our neighbors, but we do so against people from other countries and, if we want to prosper, we must be prepared. To do this, today I propose a list of languages that will help you to develop a professional career in the field of tourism successfully.
1. English
Today, if you do not speak or understand English well, you can forget to get a good job and do many other things, such as travel and make you understand in distant countries, or simply have access to the best information. Shakespeare’s language has become a kind of lingua franca, so learning it is not only advisable, but it is practically obligatory.

2. German
The Germans are one of the most traveled tourists around the world, and also those who spend the most. Although most of them have a good level of English, they are a very grateful customer profile, who appreciates a lot to be served in their language. Many tourist jobs ask for it, and if you’re thinking about going to work in Germany or the Swiss or Austrian Alps, you’ll need to know more than just the greetings and the basic phrases.

3. French
Although its global influence is no longer the same as it was a few decades ago, the truth is that it remains highly demanded in many sectors and, of course, also in the tourist. In addition, French is spoken in the 5 continents, so if we want to devote ourselves to tourism in more distant regions, French can be very useful to us.

4. Chinese
China is already the first tourist-sending country in the world, and its growth potential is enormous, as only 10% of its citizens have a passport. More and more companies are hiring and training staff to cater to these travelers, so it is a more than interesting option. Yes, you have to take into account their high difficulty, so that their learning is a challenge.

5. Russian
The emergence of a middle class in Russia, as well as new millionaires, has led many people from that country to travel abroad. Many of them do not speak English, and even if they do, they appreciate a lot to attend in their own language, so if you work in tourism, dominating the Russian language is definitely a favor for your career.

6. Portuguese
Spoken by more than 200 million people, the demand for this language is increasing. There are publications that claim that Brazil’s GDP will surpass that of some of Europe’s strongest countries in the next decade, while UNESCO says it has the greatest potential of any international language for growth in Africa, a continent with A lot of possibilities for tourism development. In addition, Portugal is the new European economic miracle, as it has emerged from the crisis, and this 2018 was chosen as “best tourist destination in the world” by the World Travel Awards, so we should not lose sight of its language, which is also relatively Easy for Spanish speakers.

7. Any other language…
We should not underestimate other languages by minority, or because they are not very demanding. Any language that you like or that interests you for some reason can be a good option. You have to think that, the less common a language, the less competition you will have when you opt for a job where you apply.

In short, if you are working or want to work in tourism, languages are a fundamental tool. How many more languages you speak and better level of them get better, because you will make a difference.

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