Mustafapasa, the hidden villa of Cappadocia

Mustafapasa, the hidden villa of Cappadocia

Mustafapasa is a villa that could go unnoticed for the traveler who follows a strict itinerary. Instead for the casual it becomes an exquisite gift of fate. With her she is on her uncertain path by the Cappadocia.

Known as Sinasos many centuries ago, Mustafapasa is a lost town in this region of Turkey which, paradoxically, is almost unknown to tourism. It is located in the Central Anatolia and in it lived the Turkish Orthodox from the Ottoman era until the beginning of the twentieth century.

It is located just 5 kilometres from the town of Urgup and close to the city of Göreme. Also from the Göreme Valley and the Soğanlı valleys, located south of Cappadocia, are the perfect place for excursions to the mountain-dug churches.

Due to its history and to those who lived there, the town has a very particular architectural style in which the Greek heritage stands out. Far from the typical Cappadocian architecture, in Mustafapasa is common to see houses built in stone, with carved doors, beautiful porticos with colonnades and drawings on the covers. Many of the constructions are also notable for woodworking.

Despite being an almost unknown place for much of the tourism, it is a villa that stands out for its beauty. In the surrounding area there are many ancient churches such as the Church of Aios Vasilos, the Church of Constantine and Elena or the Church of Alakara. While both Urgup and Göreme are much better known places, you should not miss a tour of Mustafapasa to enjoy this small village on a hill that breathes peace and harmony. The villa has some hotels although it is possible to take a day trip taking into account that only 5 kilometers separate from Urgup.

In addition, Mustafapasa has earned a place in Cappadocia because it has a university and a famous and traditional Ottoman-style hotel that is sponsored by local royalty. Dubbed Gul Konakları or “mansion of Roses” in honor of the roses of its gardens, it is made up of four stone mansions that have been restored and visited by the most select national and international public.

Elai restaurant, eating in Cappadocia

Uçhisar is one of the most tourist cities of Cappadocia, a stone citadel that takes your breath away. To get a panoramic view of this locality you only have to visit a restaurant that has a fabulous outdoor terrace.

This is the restaurant Elai, a gastronomic redoubt that not only gives us this view but also offers a very pleasant atmosphere, with low lights and soft music. The restaurant is located on a low hill near the Uchisar Castle and the terrace is located on the roof.

From there it is possible to enjoy the Pigeon Valley, the Red Valley and Goreme in addition to appreciating the snowy peak of Mount Erciyes. It is likely that getting a table there is not easy, especially when the weather accompanies.

But if you succeed you will enjoy an unforgettable evening in which you can taste sophisticated dishes in a quiet city, without the noise of cars, large crowds or pollution. The restaurant’s chefs prepare dishes of different nationalities although Turkish and French cuisine is prevalent.

The main hall has a fireplace so it is also possible to eat in the light of the fire. It has a ceiling of four meters high, a balcony and retains its form of cavern. In the lounge there is room for 75 diners and then you have to add the tables on the terrace.

For some, the restaurant Elai is a discovery of Cappadocia because it is one of the few exclusive places that inhabit this village dedicated to agriculture. Interestingly, the building was for many years a cafeteria in which they met the men of Uçhisar to take the traditional Turkish tea served in vases shaped tulip and before that was a “Guve Hamami”, the place where the groom about to marry met with L Your family men before the wedding.

Interestingly, the restaurant also offers its catering service for outdoor events so it is possible to taste the delicate flavors of the menu on a mountain, next to a cavern or in an old church of the area.

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