Now you can go to vote to decide the future of the construction of the NAICM

This Thursday begins throughout the country the citizen consultation proposed by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, to define the future of the new international Airport of Mexico City (NAICM).
Voting stations are scheduled to open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. on 25, 26, 27 and 28 October. Each voting station will have between three and four persons responsible, some academic observers and civil society to receive the citizens ‘ votes.

What will the vote be like?
Until next Sunday, 1073 voting stations will be installed throughout the country in 538 municipalities so that Mexicans can go to express their opinion on the air terminal.

To participate, it is necessary to present the voter’s credential (INE), the only valid official document, which will be received and registered by volunteers at the tables, who will have the task of guaranteeing non-duplication in the issuance of the vote.

When you arrive at the polling stations you will be given a ballot with the question: “Given the saturation of the international airport of Mexico City, which option do you think is best for the country?”.

And you will have two answers:

“Refurbish the current airport of Mexico City and Toluca, and build two tracks at the Santa Lucía Air Base”
“Continue the construction of the new airport in Texcoco and stop using the current international airport of Mexico City”.

The decision will be taken from the answer with the greatest amount of votes.

According to López Obrador’s team, the opinion of Mexicans will be reflected in more than 500,000 ballots, whose impression could be increased according to citizen participation.

Where will the voting tables be located?
Any citizen with a voter’s credential can go to vote at any of the polling stations installed, i.e. no need to go to a specific one.

Although the information of the location of the tables is available on page, in the section “ballot boxes”, these days has presented a drop of the server and it is not possible to access it.

Therefore, for now one of the options to consult the places you can go across the country to vote is available in Mexico says on Facebook.

Another option is on Twitter: @mexico_decide.

Why is this vote held?

With information gathered from the official page of the vote, it is mentioned that the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of airport infrastructure can represent a very important budgetary burden, so that in countries such as France, Germany or The United States has consulted before making the decision.

It adds that there are economic, environmental, social, territorial and legal arguments that need to be taken into account, so that everyone’s participation is important.

Why should you follow the construction of the NAICM?
The same Web site emphasizes that after listening to the actors involved in the airport discussion, some of the most recurrent and nutritious arguments for the discussion were found.

It is abundant that continuing with the construction of the NAICM in the lake of Texcoco has in its favor the closeness with Mexico City and would be a center of international connection, would generate jobs, would give confidence to investors, greater capacity of passengers, has a ground Of five thousand hectares, it has financing of 69 per cent of the project and a progress in the work of 20 per cent.

For its part, the enlargement of the airport of Saint Lucia has against it that the airlines would have logistic complications and other costs, possible economic losses by the cancellation in Texcoco, would have to negotiate with creditors and contractors, Affecting the federal budget of 2019, and a possible negative impact on financial markets.

Why should we not continue the construction of the NAICM?
It points out that it has against the increase of the cost of construction of 185 to 285 billion of pesos (first phase) and a delay of four years (first phase 2024).

In addition, it would involve the closure of the “Benito Juárez” International Airport of Mexico City and the Santa Lucía military air Base, and there would be negative environmental impacts.

The arguments in favor of extending the Santa Lucía Airport are: lower cost of construction and maintenance, better conditions to operate and low environmental impact, would continue to operate the current air terminal of the capital of the country, in addition to enabling the of Toluca and would operate in less time.

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