Planning a luxurious trip for the charming grounds of the Southern Africa?

Planning a luxurious trip for the charming grounds of the Southern Africa?

For it, there are details to be emphasized, our trip jewels and much more.
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We present a blog to you on the actuality of the luxury in Africa, a new world on the other hand constantly, with the illusion of creating a legendary and concrete experience between the pure African ambience to the moment. With the only end, to satisfy the desires of new and remote adventurers, – those that know neither about barriers nor about space nor about time – and to reach the victory of living, an authentic safari trip and luxurious in Africa, and without end.

We offer an exact analysis on the tendencies leaders in our sector, from a managerial point of view, but first of all, personnel; all our histories are proved and authenticated in a true way by us, in addition to choosing the best information sources and reality.

Our results of the actions of this blog premium, they fulfill to the perfection the requisites of the most curious and demanding travelers; we specialize in our sector, as in our next challenges in the world of traveling. You will live through sensations that come to further away.

For fortune, in our Blog of Africa, we include our best recommendations, based on our mastery and expert knowledge on what we call – our house – and more respondents you ask that you should frequent of our dear vagrants got excited about Africa. According to our criterion and that of the travelers, we have selected the requisites, advices leaders of trip and curiosities of how, when and where, with a touch of enthusiasm, professionalism and very much I spoil. A different style.

Would you like knowing our experiences from a beyond the common perspective?
In each of our blogs – to more symbolic and peculiar everyone – you will find the key and the secrets of the trips of safari for Africa. In addition to attractive characteristics, climatologies, the best epochs of enjoyment and much more; a blog personalized by countries that will do of your experience slightly finished, detailed, and with an information that only of reading it, will manage to make to demolish your imagination.

The world of the trips goes to a frantic rhythm!

We put at your disposal examples of undeniable adventures, to make to come even the highest your inspiration. And this way, you will be able to create your own escape – it is of the style of which it is – with illusion and details to measurement, with which you will penetrate in a luxurious world and persuasion.

However much we clarify doubts and proposals, and demonstrate our emulation and predilection for this magnificent continent … Africa will achieve sobrecoger the heart – and the attention – of any latent sleep.

It discovers with what we surprise every day our dear Africa.


Our select safaris offer privileged conference, expert orientations and the opportunity to walk in a true way between the most prestigious elephants, leopards, lions, buffaloes and rhinos. And the fact is that, to travel to Africa is to step back in the time to a magic epoch, where the lion is still the king of the forest, the gorillas dominate the top of the mountains and the snow of the Kilimanjaro remains insensitive to the step of the Eras.

It is incredible only to think, that you will dawn in one of the suites of your private camp – and conditioned exclusively for you-; sighting first hand, a savanna brimming with wild life and impactantes wild animals walking freely along the African flatness.

As if of your trip accompanists they were talking each other!

Infinite trips and areas exist to be able to live through this authentic experience. We have selected and designed to the detail the best safaris of Africa in the places most distinguished from the continent; so that you feel and enjoy the pure and exotic African luxury in alive. Although it is of imagining, that the remote nature and its environment, they will achieve sobrecoger your heart herself. The hearth of the widest diversity of complete safaris and one of the most famous destinations of our dear South Africa is the Park Kruger; with impressive wild life and the legitimate sanctum of Big Five. An absolutely natural refuge, where you will be able to realize different safari routes, is already in 4×4, on foot or even in balloon. He assures an unbeatable workmanship for a few holidays in family or like obsequiousness to decorate a special occasion in couple.

In the temple of the luxurious attractions of safari of Botswana, you will be able to stay at exclusive isolated camps of the agglomerations and with entire privacy and safety. Where the dawn will overflow with an exceptional fauna and sightings first hand – while you take a rich tea cup – towards the paradise of the elephants that walk delicately along the shores of the Delta of the Okavango. This destination, which together with the safaris for Namibia and its 22.000 square kilometers of immense saline surfaces, forests and the biggest population of the black rhino; they form the perfect oasis for the scenic desert safari to Africa.

With opportunities as having guides and private routes, to enjoy of safaris nocturnes, vibrant wild life of purity and the only accommodations in the world immersed between so exquisite and rich environment; you will be able to allow to escape not even a second of your fantastic trip in Africa.

Kenya and Tanzania protect the impressive natural movement of gnus, zebras and gazelles that create the famous Big Migration. The combination of cinematographic connotations of the beautiful Reservation Masai Mara like continuation of the flatness of the Serengueti, they will do that you enjoy the only safari between horizons ambientados naturally to the style Memoirs of Africa.

But there will no be all the meetings face to face with the fauna and wild flora of a terrestrial way, but also you will take delight with a spectacular Blue Safari furrowing the beautiful crystalline waters that cover the coasts and African islands, as it is the case for example of the trips to Isla Mauricio and Zanzibar. All kinds of excursions and navigations enclosed in ship deprived in search of the magic marine animals. Whales, sharks, dolphins, marine wolves and penguins in your own habitat – brimming with peace and calmness – and with such a warm silence, that you will feel as an authentic African explorer for the nautical paradise of the safari.

It is not doubt, be already its tropical islands, its grand savannas or its exotic wild forests, to everyone more symbolic, they are adapted magnificently to enjoy an exclusive and authentic luxurious safari in Africa. With itineraries, accommodations, activities and destinations typical of a really African – tropical life, which will receive your five senses to the moment.







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