san andres Colombia

san andres Colombia

Nearly forty places to dive; some of the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea; a blue sea but that also is green and of tones lilac, and the people full of generosity … There Are some of the delight of the islands of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina, in the Colombian Caribbean Sea.

Travelers of the whole world come to these paradisiac islands in search of perfect evenings, white beaches, from the sea breeze and the high coconut palms that, combined with the unconcerned smiles of its inhabitants they convert to this destination into one of the best places to spend a few summer holidays.

To 700 kilometers of the Colombian continental coast there is the island of San Andrés, a small paradise in which the Englishmen influences, Spanish, pirates and corsairs mixed with the African people to give as turned out a rich culture, full of rhythms that moves to the sound of the reggae. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the beach, to go in for nautical sports, to dive and to do ecotourism.

From the plane, the card of presentation of San Andrés is its sea of seven colors that lodges coloring fish and corals brimming with life that the travelers love. After a beach evening and you buy in the free port, the night it appears strongly to fill of music and dance the ambience managing to be this way a perfect place to take a few holidays in the Caribbean Sea.

In the middle of the excursions in San Andrés where you will be able to visit the cave of a pirate, dive in a reef or go shopping, of course you will listen to its inhabitants to speak creole: miscellany of Elizabethan, Spanish English and African dialects; also they speak Spanish and modern English, so the communication with the travelers is very simple. This cultural meeting left a trace in the music between which they are the reggae, reggaeton, raga, soca, calypso, meringue, vallenato and sauce. All kinds of proper music of the ground of the rhythm.

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In the islands of the archipelago, which is provided with the Reservation of the Biosphere Seaflower, declared by the UNESCO, the tourists are astonished with the colors of the submarine life; they amuse themselves with activities as kitesurf, windsurfing and jetski; they swim in natural swimming pools that the waves have sculpted in the rocks and savor plates prepared with the best of the Caribbean Sea: lobster, pargo, crab, snail and much more.

The tourists also can enjoy, after fifteen minutes on board of a longboat that Levite on the calm waters of the sea of San Andrés, Colombia, of the famous island for its beaches and Coconut Madmen: Johnny Cay. Beaches of white sand that embrace the verdure of the palm trees; under them a fresh shade in which there are proved exquisite mojarras fried with banana and delightful cocktails. The beach is perfect to walk up to turning round him to the island; in some areas there stand out exotic coral formations that it does a few beautiful wells of water that reflect the blue sky, up to melting with the sea mismodonde San Andrés will enjoy.

The local sound-track is the reggae and the colors that adorn it are those of the flag rastafari. To tread on the soil of Johnny Cay is to allow to go for the swaying of the music and enjoy together with the islanders who attend to the travelers in the middle of smiles and pranks. Of the palm sheets, not only salt shade but also hats, baskets and one without end of crafts woven opposite to the tourists in San Andrés.


To swim between mantarrayas, to practise snorkel and to dive in coral reefs that allow a visibility that overcomes thirty meters are some plans that there love those who come to the islands of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina in Colombia. The visitors also relax with the simple rhythm of the reggae, admire nature reserves, walk along desert beaches and have a good time with the slow step of the time.

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