The 5 best beaches of Peru

The 5  best beaches of Peru


Top Salt is one of these beaches that the same nature is in charge of protecting. The chain of hills around they protect it from the wind and the arid climate maintains it without rains and with the eternal radiant sun. Its 6.5km of length they are caressed by warm and calm waters that contrast in a wonderful way with the green carobs and pastures. A paradisiac beach where it looks at it for itself.

How to come: The main route of access to Top Salt is for a detour an asphalting in the Km 1187 of the North Pan-American highway. There are whereabouts and an arch of welcome with the name: “Tourist spa Top Go out”.


Surfear the whole day, to eat the most fresh ceviche of the area and to enjoy serenes the whole year. Máncora is a beach paradise and one of the beaches most known about the north of Peru. In Máncora everything is a celebration, and that is evident in its vibrant night life that he does not rest up to the dawn. From the most exclusive resorts up to cheap hotels for hardened backpackers, Máncora receives every traveler who has its wavy waves and diversion in mind. To only 4 km to the south of Máncora there is the beach The Pocitas, known by villagers like Máncora Chico, a perfect place to see the evening in the natural swimming pools that form between the rocks.

How to come: Máncora is approximately to 187 kilometers to the north of the city of Piura, which in turn locates in the km 1035 of the Pan-American North one. Diverse companies of buses come to Máncora from Lima, Fall down, Piura, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and other cities of Peru, like also taxis or other transports from the airports near to Máncora.


The Tuquillo spa is to 7 kilometers to the north of the city of Huarmey, following the route of the Pan-American North one. This beach is recognized by its calm waters of intense blue and thin sand. Also it possesses islets to only fifty meters of the shore that are natural habitats for birds guaneras like the piquero or the guanay. The spa is provided also with another 3 beaches towards the Tuquillo south, the Maracaná, Antivito and the Posita, the last one is perfect for the smallest.

How to come: To come to Huarmey 310 has to go away for the Pan-American North one up to the kilometer, the trip lasts little more than 5 hours and a half from Lima.


Located in the district of Beautiful Top, in Lima, the Beach Gentleman possesses excellent waves (7 meters high in average) that turn it into a spectacular destination of tournaments of surfing at national and international level. But the stage is not the only one that dominate its waters, since the spa is perfect for those that like the fishing. Its fertile sea allows the fishing of marine species as the anklebone.

How to come: To come to Gentlemen from Lima, 35 owes to travel in vehicle round the Pan-American South one up to coming to the kilometer. Then, there follows a trajectory of another three kilometers up to coming to the spa.


Part of the district of Santa Maria of the Sea, the beach Ambassador is the morello cherry of the cake of one of the most beautiful and modern spas of Peru. It is characterized for being a kidling, with a thin sand and in the shape of half moon. The spa presents itself as a calm territory, and in its around there are diverse residences and departments to hire that a few reponedoras holidays assure in family.

How to come: To come to this beach from Lima, there must go away up to the kilometer 52 of the Pan-American South one, where from a four kilometers detour takes up to the coast.


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