The lacandons: Mayan Jungle Protectors and peace seekers

The lacandons: Mayan Jungle Protectors and peace seekers

In the limits of the river Usumacinta and Salinas resides a group of people living in the jungle zone of the state of Chiapas called the Condors by the Spaniards during the colonial period by their Origin Lacam-tumque that mean <gran peñón=””>. Although among them they call themselves Hach Winik (in Maya, true man) they had great difficulties to find a place to stay. It is said that they emigrated from the Yucatan Peninsula not wanting to be part of the conflict that brought with it the conquest of Mexico, thus finding the desired peace immersed in the nature of the Lacandon jungle.

Nowadays the lacandones are part of the landscape to be the protectors of the zone because for them the nature is their religion and their mission is to venerate it and to take care of it. Its main gods are the moon and the sun, with them flow and are guided parallel with the seasons of the year; Allowing them to recognize what fruit to sow and even what animal to use for their breeding or food.

There is No heaven, earth and hell; They all integrate into one. Nature must act as the mediator of change to a new beginning, the way to be reborn. Energy we are and in energy we transform as time; So the intimate connection with his mother Nature.</gran>

Speaking with a woman in the Lacandon worldview do not imagine stealing from nature more than they deserve, only take advantage of what life itself gives them when it robs some fruit or herb that serves their livelihood. His clothes and footwear seek harmony and rapprochement with the land that surrounds them; The white blanket men and the women dressed outcropping as a symbol of devotion to their mother Earth.

The protectors of the jungles are angels of peace


Its main activities are livestock, fishing, seasonal cultivation and the creation of handicrafts of clay, seeds and vine (same as extracted from the trees when it is dead). These handicrafts are found in the ecotourism centers of the jungle or in the archeological sites of Palenque and Yaxchilán.

Tourism has also played an important role in the jungle as it is not only one of the main economic activities of the inhabitants of Lacanja, but it has also contributed to the environmental impact because this activity has been able to curb the deforestation That has existed for decades in the area, which has left only 10% of virgin forest.

Its tours include the visit to the archaeological zone of Yaxchilán in the Lancandona jungle, surrounded by water, flora and fauna, recognized as one of the most important areas of the Mayas in the classical period. It extends the walk around the forest while a Lacandon as a personal guide explains and delves into the paradise in which you see one immersed, show their homes and ecotourism centers where you can also stay.

Taste the community’s own delicacies, open-air kitchens and silence to avoid hearing pollution are part of the experience. Birds, animal sounds, water running, wind blowing complement the experience.

So the next time you decide to travel to Chiapas, give yourself the opportunity to visit the village of the Lacandones, delve into and be part of their culture, traditions and share their worldview to the environment. Be part of nature, Respétala and live in harmony with it.

The lacandons are part of our culture that not only inspire by their great vocation, but by their great heart.

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