The quasi-liquidation of the Tourist Promotion Council of Mexico

The quasi-liquidation of the Tourist Promotion Council of Mexico

Mexican Government secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Márquez announced the imminent settlement of the Mexican Tourism Promotion Council (CPTM) as part of the Republican austerity measures taken by the Federal Executive Headed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A priori is a news that impacted with negative bias to the tourist community. However, we must not lose sight of the socio-political and economic context that Mexico lives in the efforts to streamline productively the resources of the Federation.


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According to its web portal The CPTM is “the agency responsible for coordinating, designing and operating the strategies of tourism promotion at national and international level, as well as promoting the endless destinations and activities that Mexico offers you, in the best scenarios, natural and cultural. ” This raison d’être of the organism certainly falls within the main powers and functions of the Secretary of Tourism according to its mission: “to lead the design and implementation of public policies aimed at strengthening the development of the activity Tourism, promote innovation in the sector, improve the quality of tourist services and the competitiveness of national tourism, promoting transversal strategies that articulate government actions, the private and social sector, contributing to Sustainable and inclusive growth of tourism. ”

Tourist Promotion Council of Mexico


With an onerous budget that round the ten billion pesos last six times and were handled discretionally, the CPTM has its pros and cons so I guess this is a measure that would obey the government’s logic of slimming the obese apparatus b Urocrático existing and to redirect the large budgets of the organisms that incur in duplication of functions, being the change of hands of the public moneys the political background of the struggle for the power: characteristic in all the changes of Administration.

A couple of days after the energetic pressures and catastrophic scenarios declared by various players of the first level of the industry in terms of: income, economic spill, contribution to GDP, global positioning of the brand MEXICO and other indicators that They will be severely affected by the liquidation; The Government of Mexico arugula in its plan and decides to leave it only in a budget reduction of approximately 5.6% with respect to what the CPTM exercised last year, leaving this in $582.6 million of pesos for 2019.

As an industry we must be aware that these resources are duly allocated to the strategies and activities that maintain and improve the indicators invoked by the complainants, in addition to requiring that such allocation be improved and made in terms of quality and Operated in terms of productivity; That is to say that it is done more and better with the same or with less and of course that the scope of these objectives are given in a framework of honesty and transparency.

The activities of promotion of the tourism product “Mexico” must be supported not only on the basis of money (which is obviously indispensable) but also in the organic use of its potential (this may have been the opportunity to measure it), in the originality of strategies, creativity and innovation; Which in Mexico is abundant.


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