The tourist landscape

The tourist landscape

The landscape is the reason for the existence of tourism and its economic strength, this is a phrase by Jost Krippendorf, one of the scholars who has reflected most of the tourism industry. Although it is a short sentence it says a lot, because it is amazing what can generate a landscape; But you’ve wondered what makes a landscape in the tourist
Many research and articles have deepened on the phenomena generated by tourism as an activity and its dynamic reference to tourists, in geographical, social and cultural spaces; But it is also necessary to reflect on the reactions of the tourist in these spaces. On numerous occasions these reactions are positive especially when one participates in the types of tourism that they submit to the tourist in a construction integra of ties man-nature, man-historical moments, man-spirituality, man-social reality Among many others, proof of this are the artistic expressions or humanitarian initiatives that were the result of a journey.

The poet William Wordsworth who entered the relationship of the landscape above all natural with man, called the landscapes that generate a unique relationship with being “temporary enclaves” because not only remain in memory, but Mark and awaken a Conscience: Surely sometime during a trip you made an action for the benefit of the local population or the natural resource in a genuine way.

I remember that way to Aguas Calientes in Cusco, in the course that can be done on foot to reach this locality, a group of friends and I began to lift all the rubbish that we were in the way, in the middle of the nature of the Peruvian Sierra , no need for anyone to ask us. Everything arose from the desire to participate in the conservation of the impressive landscapes that were shown to us. Unfortunately there are more occasions when the tourist practice propitiates the worst behavior of the being and uses to the landscapes like the perfect scenario, increasing the negative impact that the tourism generates.

Tourist landscapes of luxuries


Although there are various tasks of very important characters in the tourist apparatus as the tour guides who carry the task of being the intermediaries for the tourist to respect and value, it is necessary that within the culture of travel is let transform and To raise awareness not only of the human experience involved in travelling but for the landscapes that make us feel part of the place even if we do not live there and that improve our civic and social habits in our common life.

Every time tourism is more plastic, many people travel more to take the picture to share it in social networks that to enjoy consuming and taking advantage of natural and cultural resources minimizing the original sense of travel and be part of the landscape and Understand the importance of conservation.

We go into a silent crisis where the landscape is worth more for its popularity than for the positive effects on people, as it turns out that the types of alternative tourism that offered the purest experiences when traveling and experiencing, are now becoming As crowded as mass tourism, leaving the most important to one side, replacing by viral fads, up to the question:

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