Tourism vs “Turismo”

“Tourism can be defined as the whole of the actions that a person carries out while traveling and overnight in a place different from that of his habitual residence, for a consecutive period that is less than one year.”

Dictionary definition of “manual”, however: it is when one lives and takes to practice according to a concept “capitalist of tourism”; In other words, the system consistently touts the sale of packages including: Travel, stay, meals, departures, etc. (based on perfectly established schedules), all directed, chewed and swallowed according to eminently commercial interests and Market, but that so many times, have nothing to do with people, with the tourist.

What’s left of these experiences? Usually an endless of photos, films, etc., that once seen, shown to friends, social networks… die in unknown files. Inside: What leaves the tourist?

I clarify that I respect each one of those involved, their tastes and preferences; It is only an absolutely personal point of view, according to a critical formation in relation to the human being and its existence.

When after a year laden with stress, demands and work, a person decides to “take a few days” to relax and at the same time know other places, sites, experiences: I firmly believe that it is no use embarking on such schematic plans, so fingered…

On many occasions I observe these “tourists”: they dress as “tourists” act as “tourists”… and I wonder: At the end of those days, what let them be “tourists”? That is: Everything is done as observing through a window: looking, photographing… but what direct interaction have with the environment, with the landscape? In many cases they do not get off the vehicles that mobilize them. They return to the hotels: rich delicacies, photos and more photos… and even as they do daily: they close the day watching television, with the play station… then?

According to my vision: tourism is that activity relaxed, palpable, direct, which leads us to walk, caress, admire, “feel”, get wet… without time or measure: not many photos, less tension… in short?  approaching, tending hands. Eat? where we are… recharge the batteries where the energy is rock, water, breeze.

Creation, nature has been too benevolent with us: we have the “best technology” existing: our body. A perfect CPU (brain), the best camera that allows us the best films (eyes), those invaluable tools, which allow us to relate to the medium, “feel” (arms and Hands), an organ as complete as the heart, circulatory; And at the same time we “translate” in him to feelings, to love… also because we observe and value. And finally: those Members that make us unthinkable when it comes to mobility (legs). We have everything… and very little we value it at the time to use this cluster of possibilities that in this case: should be at the service of this activity so “idle”: tourism, so necessary in these times.

What is a tourist community?

The receiving community has been considered an essential element in the tourism system. Although its incorporation into the planning and tourism management processes is often minimal, its importance lies in the support or hindrance to tourism development. In this sense, this work seeks to emphasize the importance of incorporating the local community into these processes. Specifically, it analyses the lack of academic attention in the receiving community as an object of study. It also briefly examines semantic aspects of the community concept. Finally, it examines the receiving community as an essential element of the tourism system in order to rescue its importance in tourism planning and management. activity that develops without altering the equilibrium of the environment promoting the conservation of the nature and the existing ecosystems carrying out recreational activities of appreciation and knowledge of the nature Through interaction with it.



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