Treasures of a traveler

Treasures of a traveler

It’s not just travel to travel, to have a nice picture or a place less to your list; In every trip you get recorded in memory and in the heart memorable moments that may not be repeated.
They are often as simple as walking in the night with your friends through the streets of Queretaro, watching local and foreign people, enter a coffee, drink a cold chocolate while listening to live music and make that, a night delighted.

Get out of work and with the help of the GPS get to a place where you didn’t even have a clue about the course you had to take, just to go for your long-awaited traditional embroidery cap, the “Tenangos”; Go even with the clothes less suitable for the destination, but that decision already changed the week.
Walking around the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro, soaked in cold, find a small restaurant where they offer hot chocolate and bread freshly baked, tradition that the family only makes for their altar of dead but that offers you, surely with the purpose of Fall in love with the stomach, and achieve it, because the taste is unique and exquisite.
To be hundreds of meters high in the lighthouse of Mazatlan, with the soul in a thread because like me, perhaps there are several who fear the heights, but it is worth the scenery, observing the infinity of the sea, feel the wind running on your face and realize Once again, the insignificant space that we are in this huge world.


What every traveler should remember

Find people friendly, helpful, fun, who tells you the history of the place, the best thing to visit or just the simplest anecdote, that makes you feel at home.

To travel in another state, to speak with the neighbor of Mesa in a taco-stand, and to recognize your State of origin by the gastronomy: the famous pastes and the barbecue “that if it is barbecue”; Or walk in another country of Central America and that when entering any establishment people will see you and say “you are Mexican”… yes, I am Mexican, proud of my roots, my culture, my people, I am Hidalgo: proud of the barbecue, the pastes and the Tenangos.

I travel to learn about other cultures, other life forms, to fill my pupils with unequalled landscapes, to enrich myself with smiles on people’s faces, and to fill my memory with all those treasures.

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