TripAdvisor removes slogan after complaints of “falsehood”

TripAdvisor removes slogan after complaints of “falsehood”

TripAdvisor has removed from its web “criticisms in which you can trust”, after the British authority of Advertising Standards (ASA) had…

TripAdvisor has removed from its website “Criticisms You can trust”, after the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had opened an investigation on September 1 after receiving a complaint Warning of false reviews about hotels and restaurants.

KwikCheck, dedicated to the management of reputation, was the complainant, after receiving complaints from more than 2,000 hoteliers complaining about the reviews that their establishments had on TripAdvisor. This company contributed more cases of opinions that were not real and demanded an investigation, considering that the web could not boast of having “criticisms in which you can trust” when the checks are not clear.

The investigation of the ASA is focused on the “veracity” of the criticisms. The agency said that the protests contrast with the publicity of TripAdvisor, whose campaigns are read “Criticisms you can trust.”

Now, TripAdvisor has changed this slogan (“Reviews You can Trust”) by the critics of the community (“Comentarios from Our Community”), as it has been able to verify However, spokespersons for the company have stated that this change “has not obeyed open research.”

According to KwikChex, the false reviews about hotels and restaurants had reached “epidemic levels,” and according to some English media, there are also specialized websites that charge for writing reviews about hotels and restaurants both in TripAdvisor as in other pages.

The complainant says he’s been studying TripAdvisor for eight months. He notes that a single person published 127 false criticisms to check the reliability of the system. Also, that of the 50 million of published criticism, half is more than a year, which leaves them “outdated”. And of those 25 million, up to 20 percent could be false, he says.

Brazil’s tourism minister resigns for corruption

The former minister of Tourism of Brazil, Pedro Novais, presented this Wednesday his resignation to the office that occupied in the Cabinet of the government of President Dilma Rousseff as…

The former minister of Tourism of Brazil, Pedro Novais, has presented this Wednesday his resignation to the office of President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet as a result of a corruption scandal that has provoked the resignation of other Four ministers.

In this way, Novais is the fifth minister in abandoning the government of Dilma Rousseff since last January, when it began its journey. Novais has delivered his letter of resignation to Rousseff during the meeting that both have held this Wednesday at the Palacio de Planalto, as reported by the vice president, Michel Fear, who has also been present at this meeting.

According to the publication of the portal at the moment, they have not transcended the causes of this resignation, although it is hoped that before Novais facilitates a communiqué to the press, reports the agency do Brasil.

In recent months, the Brazilian media have accused the former tourism owner of embezzling public funds. This same week, the newspaper Folha has published that Novais hired a chauffeur and a domestic employee for his wife, Maria Helena de Melo, with funds of the Congress during his stage as deputy (2003-2010).

Its situation has worsened since the end of August, when the Federal police carried out an anti-corruption operation in which 37 people were detained, among them the former Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Frederico Costa.

Shortly after being appointed to the office, the newspaper or state of Sao Paulo revealed that Novais had charged to Congress the expenses of a motel in Sao Luis and Folha asserted that in a telephone conversation, intervened by the Federal police, the minister requested help to A friend within the framework of a judicial process.

Novais is the fifth minister to leave the government for the many corruption scandals that have splattered the Rousseff administration. Other important casualties have been that of Antonio Palocci, former chief of staff; Wagner Rossi, former minister of Agriculture; Alfredo Nascimento, former minister of transport; And a high charge of agriculture.

These allegations have jeopardized the executive’s support, so the President has embarked on a round of negotiations with allied political parties in Congress. However, it seems that at the moment it has not been very successful, since the Party of the Republic (PR) has announced the withdrawal of its support.

On the other hand, according to, the lawyer and deputy spent Vieira, aged 65, was appointed as new minister of Tourism after the resignation of Novais, the fourth minister who leaves the Rousseff government in three months amid accusations of Corruption. According to the Brazil agency, it is expected to assume the position this Friday.

The Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) is the government’s biggest ally, and vice President Michel fear also belongs to him.

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